#AndNEW: Queen’s Quest Win Artist Of Stardom Championships

Artist Of Stardom Championships
Photo: @we_are_stardom

Oedo Tai’s run as Artist Of Stardom (Trios) champions has come to an end after tensions between Andras Miyagi and Kagetsu reached a fever pitch and Miyagi attacked her partner leaving Natsu Sumire to take the pin.  This ended Oedo Tai’s run at 126 days and just one successful defense made.  It will be interesting to see where things go now between Oedo Tai and Miyagi.

AZM would get the win for her team as the Queen’s Quest team of AZM, Utami Hayashishita, and Momo Watanabe captured the Artist Of Stardom championships.   This is the fifth time the QQ faction has held the titles and the third time AZM has been a part of the winning team. They are the most dominant trio to hold the Artist titles in some time and should have a long run.  AZM getting the win puts a cap on her fantastic year which has seen her “graduate” from being the pin eater of QQ to being an important part of the faction.

Momo Watanabe wins the artist titles for the second time and Stardom’s new ace adds it to her previous title runs as Goddesses Of Stardom and Wonder Of Stardom Champion.

Utami Hayashishita wins the titles for the first time and now holds three titles as she is also the Future Of Stardom and SWA Champion.  It is the fifth title win of her short career as she has won all but three of Stardom’s titles since debuting in August of 2018.

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