Preview: Big Valley Wrestling – Battle Born (11/24/19)

Big Valley Wrestling (BVW) goes into their 5th Anniversary Sunday, November 24, as they begin to close up their strongest year to date. Every Championship is on the line at the Sahara Event Center in Las Vegas.

Four-Way Match: “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews vs “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo vs Simon Lotto vs “Heart of Gold” Matt Vandagriff 

Andrews and Biagio have met several times and have a feud with Lotto that stretches back over the summer. It includes Lotto’s vicious attack at Biggest and the Baddest on Labor Day weekend shortly after they were awarded BVW contracts. Worrying about each
other is enough, but now you bring the returning Matt Vandagriff into the mix and it goes to another level. Vandagriff may have Championship Gold in his eyes but needs to win this one first. He wants to take advantage of this feud keeping his distance and let them fight each other and hit a flip or two and steal away with a win.

Congo Crush w/ Bobby Beamer vs Fresco-Mattic w/ Primo Pulpo

When this match was announced the war of words began immediately. Fresco-Mattic was pinned by Congo Crush in embarrassing fashion alongside his tag partner Mondo Dinero who were also BVW Tag Champions at the time. Fresco has gone solo and looks for revenge against Congo Crush and knows a win also means a jump in the Valley
rankings and a quicker path to a title shot. “The Monster” Congo Crush has been unbeatable against anyone not named Big Dirty. The next time Congo sees him it could be for BVW Gold, but he’ll need to get by Fresco first. Congo wants to engage in the center of the ring baiting his opponents inside where he can get his hands on them. Fresco needs to create space and use his range to attack from distance getting Congo to move his feet. The Managers Bobby Beamer and Primo Pulpo are longtime adversaries, but the “Latin Kraken” has managed Crush before and may provide the game plan for Fresco on Sunday.

Last Man Standing Match: “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black vs SGT. Major

Photo: BVW

We can still hear the crash from Labor Day weekend when Sean Black speared SGT. Major through a sign eliminating both competitors from the Sin City Survivor Match. Black wants to get Kevin Ducqets in the ring, but his henchman SGT. Major has made his life hell in the process. The Last Man Standing stipulation has yielded great matches over the years and with the amount of heat built with these two and this one should be no exception.

Big Valley Wrestling Las Vegas Championship: Kevin Ducqets (c) vs Funny Bone

Photo: BVW

“The Delinquent” is a two-time Las Vegas Champion and has looked unbeatable especially with SGT Major in his corner. The DEMIGOD of Death may be his toughest opponent to date. Bone came close to ending Frank The Tank’s BVW Heavyweight Title reign and captures the SCS match at Biggest and the Baddest. Both men like to apply pressure constantly pushing the attack. Ducqets does everything with purpose and that purpose is to set up the broken glass cutter. To beat Funny Bone you have to bring the fight because he sure is. He’s quick and likes to attack from all angles never allowing his opponent's to get comfortable. Ducqets wants to keep Bone on the mat and try to wear him down which is easier said than done. This is a tough one to handicap but its hard to bet against Ducqets anytime Major is around.

Big Valley Wrestling Tag Team Championship: “Exceptional” Alexander Braven & “The Songbird of Wrestling” Ricky Tenacious (c) vs Sky High (Robbie Lit & Mondo Rox) 

Photo: BVW

Despite a rollercoaster year for the two-time BVW Tag Champions Exceptional and Tenacious are in the same position they were last year wearing Gold. In their defense, they rarely teamed up after they dropped the belts early in 2019 to Fresco-Dinero (Fresco-
Mattic & Mondo Dinero) and once they were side by side again the wins began to accumulate. They picked up a victory against Sky High to earn the title shot and then used the brothers to win the Straps back in the Triple-Threat October 20. After Sky High hit their finisher against Fresco-Dinero, E & T jumped in the ring and tossed the Pilots to the floor and recaptured the Titles. If Mondo and Robbie cried foul they have a chance to right the wrong. Will this be the coronation of the Sky High as Champions or is their more disappointment for the brothers at the SEC?

Big Valley Wrestling Heavyweight Championship: Frank The Tank (c) vs Big Dirty

Photo: Big Valley Wrestling

The Main Event has been a long time in the making. Dirty has had one of the best years in 2019 and has put together a winning streak that includes multiple wins over the Monster Congo Crush which has many believing this is the moment when he wins the Gold. Frank win the BVW Title against Dirty over a year ago and has put together a title reign anyone would be proud of. He’s fended off challenges from Ace Romero and Funny Bone this
summer and brings plenty of confidence. Why wouldn’t he with multiple victories over his BVW5 opponent? This isn’t the same Big Dirty. He has had a one-track focus all year and that was getting back in the ring against Frank. He wants the belt, but not as much as he wants to smash “The Tank.” Can Big Dirty get the job done and leave the SEC as Big Valley Champ?

Also on the card Sunday: Santana Jackson, The Sour Boys, Captain Buggy, and a Throwback Match between Echo Busan meets Joe Atkins.

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