#AndNEW: WWE 24/7 Championship Changes Hands as R-Truth Wins, Loses and Wins Back Title (VIDEO)

R Truth 24/7
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In 2011, a website, www.didthecavswinlastnight.com gained national recognition during a historic losing streak for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. The site was simple as it gave a yes or in the case of the streak, no (and lots of them), and that was that. Well, it seems its high time the WWE established a similar site tracking if the 24/7 Championship (yes, that’s still a thing) has changed hands in any given day, such was the case over the past two days when the title shifted hands thrice. And as always, R-Truth was once again at the center of it.

It started Monday night on Raw as during a match, R-Truth chased the Singh Brothers (Sunil and Samir) around the ring and into the back in hot pursuit of the 24/7 Championship. WWE did not pay off that chase on air, however, following Raw, in an online exclusive, Truth was seen posed as a doctor, checking on Samir Singh, the current champion. After knocking out Sunil, Truth, with referee in tow, pinned Samir to capture his 22nd 24/7 Championship reign. This ended Singh’s record 18-day reign, the longest such with the title in its history. And while that’s a short history (just six months), the title has already been held 64 times.

R-Truth’s 22nd reign didn’t last long however. On Tuesday, while making an appearance at a WWE employee town hall in Stamford, Connecticut, Truth, the “48/7, 7/11, 24/7, I-95…South, European, television champion” was attempting to make a quick getaway when he ran into a wall. This led to an opportunistic employee, who just so happened to be sitting next to referee John Cone, who just so happened to be wearing his pinstripes, to take advantage of the situation and pin Truth to win the title.

The employee’s name? Michael Giacco, who was identified as the company’s senior account manager. Giacco didn’t hold the title long, as a few hours later, R-Truth, also with Cone in tow, invaded WWE Headquarters and pinned the champ while he was doing sit-ups. But hey, Giacco got to take a classic, “new champ with Triple H” photo so at least he has that. Not to mention, he goes down in the books as an official champion, alongside fellow non-wrestlers, Rob Stone of FOX Sports, Marshmello and Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics.

As it stands as of this moment (who knows what might change by the time someone reads this sentence), R-Truth is a 23-time WWE 24/7 Champion, that’s 17 more than the person with the next most amount of reigns, Drake Maverick. He’s combined days as champion are just shy of 100, or as WWE recognizes, 88-and-counting.

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