SmackDown Highlights – Bray Wyatt Wants To Bring Out Daniel Bryan’s YES (11/15/19)

The first live show since Monday Night Raw over a week ago as SmackDown was live from Philadelphia. To say the least, it was a very up and down show in which the second hour dominated the entertainment. Would NXT be in the building once again? Here are the Smackdown highlights.

The Undisputed Era Ruins Tag Team Championship Match


Just one week after winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, Kofi Kingston and Big E were forced to defend them in a title rematch against The Revival. A match that came down to the finish as a Shatter Machine looked to regain the tag titles for Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, but Kingston flew in to save it last second. As this match looked to be coming down to the wire, all four members of The Undisputed Era came down to the ring and beat all four men down before running away to avoid the SmackDown locker room. Yet another Undisputed Era attack and it being successful once again.

SmackDown Women Hold Off The NXT Invaders

Bayley went one on one with Nikki Cross as Cross hoped to capture the last spot on the SmackDown Women’s team. This match really didn’t see the light of day before NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler appeared and Bayley attempted to escape before meeting four women that NXT fans may know. Mia Yim, Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and Tegan Nox all appeared and the brawl was on. When it was all cleared out, Sasha Banks challenged the four to a match that would be considered a teaser for Survivor Series. So with that said, it was on.

Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, and Carmella vs Mia Yim, Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, and Tegan Nox

Yes, we all wanted NXT to win in the opposing house like two weeks ago but that was not the case, unfortunately. The match came down to Nikki Cross and Dakota Kai as everyone else was wiped out. Kai came close but it ended when Cross turned a suplex attempt into The Purge for the win as her team walked out victorious. NXT began the beat down immediately again before the SmackDown locker room ran them out of town. NXT’s teams have yet to be named, but it sure is exciting as we head into the final week.

SmackDown MVP: Bray Wyatt Gets Into The Head Of Daniel Bryan


Both Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan were busy on the night, as Bray revealed the new Universal Championship and Daniel Bryan finally declined Sami Zayn‘s offer. IT all came to Miz TV as Bryan was the special guest on the show. It took little time before Bryan got into The Miz‘s face when Miz was coming up with reasons as to why Bryan was amute for so long and “The Fiend” attacked him last week. Bryan admitted he is mentally unstable, much like Bray and “The Fiend”. They eventually got to the point of Bryan saying the YES is not back.

Then the Firefly Fun House came to life as Bray stared down at Bryan and wanted him to say one word when it came to challenging the Universal Championship, which was “YES”. Bryan refused despite all the puppets of the Fun House attempting to get him to say it. Then the challenge was put down on the other side and it was made official, as the show went off the air with Bray chanting YES with title in hand as the two mentally unstable beings will go head to head at Survivor Series.

What is most interesting is that “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt seems he wants the best version of Daniel Bryan. The one that turned on him and the Wyatt Family so many years ago. He wants that version because that is the best, and until then, it is hard to believe Daniel Bryan will beat “The Fiend as is now. This is one to watch for more than just the next few weeks.

Survivor Series is all but officially made, as next week should be one of the more compelling as all sides try to get one last advantage before the big show.

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