#AndNEW: Two Huge Title Changes at FSW Against All Odds

For the second time this year, Project Bodycount shock the Las Vegas indie scene and now GRAVES is the new FSW Heavyweight Champion after putting 337-day Champ Chris Bey to sleep in the main event of Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Against All Odds on Friday night. GRAVES wasn’t even supposed to be in the Main Event after Shogun Jones won the Against All Odds Rumble earlier in the evening. Bodycount attacked Jones before the Match and forced their way in. The fight was contested with only the top and bottom rope (more on that later). It was back and forth as Bey stood toe to toe with GRAVES but after a Frog splash was reversed and turned into a power move something was in the air. Hammerstone came down the ramp and interceded as Shogun Jones returned but it was too late. Hammer tossed the FSW Title to his buddy and GRAVES clocked Bey with it. The Champ kicked out but to no avail. He was quickly put to sleep and FSW has a new Champion. Project Bodycount now holds FSW Heavyweight, Tag Team and Nevada State Titles holding all the Gold except one…

Photo: Brian Ronovech

Remy Marcel capped his incredible return to Las Vegas by climbing the ladder and winning the No Limits Title again. Marcel tosses Damian Drake off the ladder and through a table below. Drake was carried off on a stretcher and the 86er carried off the Belt. The match featured an Ice Williams fan or relative who verbally blasted Marcel, and the new Champ took him to the task. He attempted to powerbomb him through a door twice with but the third time was the charm. The match saw the second rope break when Drake attempted a moonsault. Marcel was the first No Limits Champion and has now won three Titles in Ladder Matches.

Photo: FSW

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