Preview: FSW – Against All Odds (11/15/19)

Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) presents Against All Odds on Friday at Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas.. The winner of the 30 Man Rumble will get a shot at reigning, defending FSW Heavyweight Champion “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey. There will be no three-peat since 2017 and 2018 Rumble winner is Chris Bey and he’s in the Main Event. It airs free on Friday night on the FSW Twitch Channel.

Against All Odds Rumble Match

Photo: FSW

Who will win the Rumble and get a chance to close the show? We’ll start with three of last year’s four finalists. For the second time in three years, Suede Thompson made it into the final two only to come up short. Thompson hasn’t had the winning percentage he’d like in 2019, but you have to count him as a favorite. Don’t forget he won the Nick Bockwinkel Battle Royal at FSW 10. Suede excels in these matches. Sefa Fatu was eliminated by Bey and Suede and is a major threat to win, if “The Problem” isn’t the favorite. We haven’t seen Fatu in a couple of months and from what we’ve heard we could have a re-focused star on our hands who looks ready to prove his doubters wrong. With the deep run last year he could win the whole thing this time around.

So could the man who finished fourth in 2018, Shogun Jones. Despite their friendship and a recent change of heart, he’s made no secret about his desire for a rematch. Shogun was beaten by Chris Bey in his first Casino Show Title defense January 25 at No Escape. He had his chances at the Nevada State Title against Hammerstone and some were surprised he didn’t get a shot at the Blue Belt instead of Douglas James. “The Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff will enter the Rumble first with a chance to make history. Nobody who
entered number one has won the Rumble. In 2016, Suede Thompson entered #1 and was eliminated by the winner Eli Drake. Vandagriff is looking for a signature FSW victory and this would be it. He had a great match with the Champ a few weeks ago and would love to get a rematch. He would probably also love a rematch with entrant #30, Owen Travers. With the help of his Manager Alexa Briley, he got the win in the Feast or Famine Match November 2 at High Octane against Vanda. Now with help from his friend and post position “Chief” might be more dangerous than ever.

The 2019 Cash in the Case Winner Graves was scheduled for an FSW Title shot and never got it. Now with a win here he would get his hands on Bey. He won Tag Gold at FSW 10 with Hammerstone and the FSW Heavyweight Gold would be an enormous cherry on top. Other Wrestlers entered: Hero Leu, Clutch Kucera, Sinn Bodhi, Sugar Brown, Shaggy McLovin, Jay Café, Nino Brown, Leon Hater and more to be announced.

First Blood Match: Greg Romero vs Kyle Hawk

Photo: FSW

This past summer at the FSW Arena, Hawk broke Romero’s jaw with a knee as he attempted a moonsault. The match was halted, Romero was gone, and Hawk has mocked him since. The Arrow Club Leader is more dangerous than ever with a surly mood that
has turned violent. Romero challenged Hawk to a First Blood Match November 2 nd in a contest that could steal the show. Both men come forward and love to be on the attack so a match with no rules fits great.

FSW Women’s Championship: Lacey Ryan (c) vs Mazzerati w/ Nick Bugatti

Photo: FSW

With Sandra Moone on the shelf until 2020, these are the two top women in Las Vegas with the undisputed Women’s Title hanging in the balance. Ryan’s return to Vegas was quiet her stay hasn’t been. After a couple of early defeats, she rebounded in a big way and beat Taya Valkyrie at MECCA V to capture the Gold. She’s already defended
the Title more than it was all year. Mazzerati is as nasty as they come and with Bugatti by her side she’s lethal. Ryan will certainly need to have her head on a swivel before and after the bell to come out on top. This is Ryan’s first Casino Show defense of what feels like a long title reign.

One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) vs Wolf Zaddies (Tito Escondido & Che Cabrera)

Photo: FSW

We saw the Wolf Zaddies come up short at MECCA V in their return to FSW but a win over One Percent could get them an immediate Tag Title shot. Are they capable? Definitely. These two are tough as they come and have won Tag Titles all over Southern California. With a vengeful MK at the helm, anything is possible. One Percent has been dominant and are still waiting for their rematch since they “lost” the Titles at FSW 10 to Graves and Hammerstone. They were victorious in a Gauntlet match November 2 nd pinning a very
game Kids of Yesterday (VIP & Lazarus). Tough out for the 2x FSW Champs.

FSW No Limits Championship, Ladder Match: Damian Drake (c) vs Remy Marcel vs Ice Williams

Photo: FSW

This summertime feud has been entertaining at the very least. We’ve seen everything from Steel chairs, Shovels, Protests, and Belt Snatching and it will hopefully be settled at the top of a ladder. “We’re gonna hear about this win for the rest of our lives now,” FSW Boss Joe DeFalco glumly announced seconds after Remy Marcel pinned Drake at Survival of the Fittest August 17. Despite the victory, Marcel was passed over for the No Limits Title shot at MECCA V for Funny Bone that became a Match of the Year candidate. Regardless not only does Marcel get his shot, but his match. He won the FSW Heavyweight and No Limits Titles in Ladder Matches so the stipulation suits him fine. We knew Ice Williams didn’t lack confidence, but we didn’t know he was brazen enough to snatch the No Limits belt from Drake at High Octane late this summer. Ice has made no apologies and still proclaims
himself the No Limits Champion. He’ll get his chance to make it so on Friday. Damian Drake has been doubted before. After his first Casino loss to Marcel and going into MECCA V some pundits wondered if we would have a new Champ. No. Drake responded by winning a classic against the DEMIGOD and now can shut the door on two of his toughest challenges during his reign if not the most annoying.

FSW Nevada State Title – “The Business” Hammerstone (c) vs “Ironheart” Douglas James

Photo: FSW

Two of the US indie’s brightest stars will meet in a rematch and this time it’s for the FSW Nevada State Championship. “Ironheart” Douglas James was relentless and pulled off a stunning victory after he rolled up “The Business” Hammerstone in front of a joyous FSW Arena crowd. Earlier in the fight, Hammerstone hit one of the biggest, loudest powerbombs the Arena has witnessed, but foolishly gave DJ another chance. He connected with the Nightmare Pendulum but lifted his head at the count of 2. Big mistake as DJ
took advantage rolling him up for the win. “The Business” was closed that Spring evening and the stunned look he carried afterward said it all. It was sweet revenge for James who was attacked by the former 602 days FSW Champion earlier that night.

The rematch will be for the Nevada State Title that Hammer took from Sefa Fatu at FSW 10 June 23. One half of the FSW Tag Champions (w/ Graves) wants to control the center of the ring which works out for James. He prefers the space and use his speed outside getting to spots and out of jams. While the kid from Jersey likes to be aggressive he’s adept at the counter-attack and does an exquisite job setting up traps for his arsenal of submissions.
Both men are two of the best foot strikers in the game. James can deliver offense with his feet from any angle with a variety of kicks on the menu at DJ’ss food truck. Hammerstone has the best dropkick going right now, his jump kick keeps improving, and the thrust kick off the turnbuckle takes your head off. His power game takes second to no one and NOBODY kicks out of the Nightmare Pendulum.

Arguably in the first bout, Your Boy Hammer gave it away, but James proved throughout the summer that his success against bigger opponents was no fluke. “Ironheart” followed it up with a victory over SCHAFF in Oregon and had a near-miss against Las Vegas’ Killer Kross in Seattle. Less than a year after his return from a dislocated hip Douglas James is a Champion multiple times including his win in the Limitless Tournament in April, is poised to become the 4th Nevada State Champion, and take home the Blue Belt. Don’t expect Hammerstone to stop the count this time. He remembers and you can guarantee he had
no problem taking this match when offered by FSW Officials. The Champ has a chance to right a wrong and exact revenge Friday night. They both come into this one at the top of their game as Hammer and DJ have had award-winning 2019s. Titles aside, they signed with Major League Wrestling (MLW) months apart and are two of the rising company’s brightest stars.

FSW Heavyweight Championship: Chris Bey (c) vs Rumble Winner

Photo: FSW

There are many dangerous opponents among this year’s entrants with Shogun Jones and Sefa Fatu the likely favorites. Either one would be great, but it’s hard to go against the Champ. He’s winning everywhere and it doesn’t look to end anytime soon. Chris Bey’s had one of the best years FSW has ever seen and he looks to keep it that way Friday Night in the Fight Capital.

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