Preview: Beyond- Uncharted Territory Episode 6 (11/7/19)

Uncharted Territory

Beyond is coming off hot from one of their biggest Uncharted Territory episodes of the season. Last week’s Halloween show was a great mix of fun and spooky. This week the card is just as stacked for one of the best weekly wrestling shows on television. 

Team Pazuzuhausen (Danhausen, Chris Dickinson & Pinkie Sanchez) vs Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene & Ava Everett

Uncharted Territory

Last week Danhausen teamed up with Effy to face Dickinson and Pinkie. This week he will be teaming up with them to take on three of Beyond’s regulars Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene, and Ava Everett. Chris Dickinson has yet to have a bad match on Uncharted Territory so even though this will be their first time teaming expect big things from Pazuzuhausen. 

John Silver vs Christan Casanova

Ever since Eddie Kingston gave him a pep talk John Silver has been on quite a winning streak. He has beaten Erick Stevens, Pinkie Sanchez, and Josh Briggs. John Silver has also made two appearances on AEW and announced the signing with the company. Christan Casanova and the rest of Club Cam have not been so lucky. Despite their numbers, Club Cam has barely been able to pick up a win this season of Uncharted Territory. John Silver will be all alone against at least one other person from Club Cam. John Silver will be up against a numbers game when he tries to take on Christan Casanova and the rest of Club Cam 

Leyla Hirsch vs Lady Frost 

Uncharted Territory

Leyla Hirsch was one of the breakout stars from season one of Uncharted Territory and last week she got a big win of Jody Threat. Lady Frost got a shot with her tag team partner a few weeks ago after having an impressive match at Chikara’s King of Trios weekend against Jordynne Grace. While she was teaming with Victor Benjamin she failed to pick up a win. Her singles debut she will be looking to change that with a win over Hirsh. These are going to be two of the biggest unsigned talents in 2020 and this match will be a way for both of these two to show prove that. 

Bear Country vs VSK & Alex Reynolds vs Milk Chocolate vs Mike Verna and Rex Lawless

This season of Uncharted Territory seems to love 4 team tag matches. This will be the second one and if it is anything like the first from episode 4 that it will certainly be a good showing. Beyond’s current tag team Ace’s Bear Country have beaten all three of these teams before but they have never been able to do it against all three. Milk Chocolate have appeared on a few episodes of Uncharted Territory this season and have yet to pick up a win. Managed by Mark Sterling Alex Reynolds and VSK are both coming off broken tag teams and looking for a big tag win. Last time Mike Verna and Rex Lawless faced Bear Country they broke the ring, now they will be adding two other tag teams to the match and literally, anything can happen. 

Richard Holliday vs Solo Darling 

Uncharted Territory

Solo Darling took a big loss to Team Tremendous on the Halloween episode last week. So this week Solo will be going solo to take on Club Cam’s Richard Holliday. Again there hasn’t been much luck for Club Cam at all this season of Uncharted Territory so it is hard to expect much. Solo Darling was one of the breakout stars of last season of Uncharted Territory concluding with winning the FEAST Championship in a ladder match at Americanrana ‘19. Richard Holliday and the rest of the Club Cam will be looking get in an important with over Solo Darling. 

Sea Stars vs To Infinity and Beyond 

The newest Shimmer tag team Champions will be returning to Beyond after winning their titles this weekend. The Sea Stars will be facing off against midwest tag team To Infinity and Beyond who wrestled Bear Country once last season and have yet to pick up a big win in Uncharted Territory. If To Infinity and Beyond want to come back to Uncharted Territory they will need a big win against the Shimmer champs. 

Discovery Gauntlet – Matt Makowski (C) vs O’Shay Edwards 

For weeks Tony Deppen has been running the Discovery Gauntlet. Week after week he was able to win it to stay in it. Until last week when the man he attacked to get into the Discovery Gauntlet returned to defeat him, Matt Makowski, former Bellator MMA fight and currently one of Ophidian’s Crubible members is defending the Discovery Gauntlet. The baddest man on the independents will be defending his guaranteed spot back on Uncharted Territory next week against O’Shay Edwards. O’Shay is a southern wrestler who mostly works in SUP but also had a good showing in the Scenic City Invitational this year. This will be two brawlers doing whatever it takes to get back to Uncharted Territory next week.  

Jay Freddie vs Kevin Bennett

Uncharted Territory

The Jay Freddie vs Brandon Thurston feud has been one of the best rivalries in Beyond over this year. The two had two fantastic matches last year getting a lot of people excited about Uncharted Territory. This season they faced off again Thurston kicked Freddie in the balls to pick up the win behind the refs back. After beating and humiliating Puf, Brandon Thurston called out Freddie to wrestle again and the two-faced off only for Brandon to kick Jay Freddie hard in the balls and lose by DQ. This week Thurston refused to face off with Jay Freddie again and instead sent one of his students, Kevin Bennett. Bennett is a rapper, producer and sound engineer but most importantly a wrestler. He will be looking to take out Freddie to impress his trainer and get an always important win on Uncharted Territory.

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