Preview: CMLL – 86th Aniversario (9/27/19)


On today’s CMLL Informa, the entire 86 Aniversario was announced by Julio Cesar Rivera. CMLL gets ready for the biggest event of the year, the 86th Anniversary show. Celebrating 86 Glorious years for the oldest wrestling promotion in the world. That night, we get a wild main event consisting of 7 of CMLL’s greatest talents in a stipulation that’s one of it’s kind. Here’s what to expect from the big show and the featured matches.

CMLL – 86th Aniversario (9/27/19)

Steel Cage Match Loser loses hair: Ciber The Main Man vs. Ultimo Guerrero vs. Gilbert El Boricua vs. Volador Jr. vs. Barbaro Cavernario vs. Big Daddy vs. Negro Casas

It started last week at the conclusion of CMLL’s Gran Prix match when Barbaro Cavernario wanted a hair versus hair match with Big Daddy. Volador Jr. who had just won the Gran Prix match intervened and wanted a hair versus hair match against Barbaro Cavernario to get his revenge from last years 85th Aniversario show. While nothing was resolved that night, it was today.

After a a Big Daddy, Cavernario staredown, Ultimo Guerrero out along with Ciber The Main Man and both men wanting a match and Guerrero declining a proposed Cage match by Panico, 7 men agree to a cage match where the loser loses his hair. A match like this seems to settle the score that all 7 men have with each other. Who will wind up losing their hair that night though? Will Big Daddy finish Negro Casas once and for all and retire him that night? Will Volador Jr. be able to get Cavernario to lose his hair with a loss? And what about the back and forth between Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber The Main Man? Will they be able to finally settle their score once and for all?

Mexican Trios Title: Forastero, Cuatrero and Sanson (C) vs. Caristico, Valiente and Mistico

The new generation Dinamitas face off against 3 of CMLL’s finest performers in Caristico, Mistico and Valiente for the Mexican Trios Titles. The new generation have been champions for over 2 years and have been on a most dominant streak. It’s arguable that they’re the most dominant dynasty in CMLL only behind the Munoz Dynasty. But their opponents are very successful in their own right

Caristico is the current NWA World Historic Middleweight Champion and has held the title for over a year. His tag team partners, Mistico and Valiente are former champions, with Mistico also being a Mexican Trios Champion at one point and holding those titles for well over 1000 days. Will we see new champs at CMLL’s biggest show of the year, or will the New Generation Dinamitas continue their reign as champions?

CMLL Women’s Title: Marcela (C) vs. Dalys

Dalys recently earned her title shot against Marcela a few weeks ago when she won the new Amazonas De Amazonas title by beating Metalica after both luchadoras went through 10 woman matches to get their one-on-one match for the new title. Dalys overcame and not only won the title but also received the opportunity to be the flag bearer for Team Mexico at the Gran Prix show and get a title shot against Marcela for the CMLL Women’s Title.

Marcela has been the CMLL World Womens Champion for nearly 300 days after defeating her opponent Dalys who held the title for close to 1000 days before Marcela defeated her. The two battle it out to determine who the best luchadora in CMLL is. Will Dalys be successful in regaining the title she once had? Or will Marcela retain?

Micros Mask match: Microman vs. Chamuel

For the first time ever, CMLL will hold the first Micros division Mask vs. Mask match between Microman and Chamuel. Microman has had a very short career, competing for almost 3 years with CMLL. At only 20 years of age, Microman looks to have the biggest match of his career. Microman must defend his mask on this night to continue his legacy. But he must go up against a near 10 year veteran of the game in Chamuel. What will Chamuel have in store for Microman at the 86 Aniversario show? Will Microman, who just defeated Chamuel in their last encounter at the Gran Prix show be able to defeat Chamuel when it means the most?

Stigma, Audaz & Rey Cometa vs. Misterioso Jr., Tiger & Virus

Like the last match of every show, the opener means just as much. The job of the opening match is to set the tone for the fans and what’s to come for the rest of the show. If you haven’t seen any of these six men in action, you should. What will happen when these six Lucha superstars open for the biggest show of the year?

Mephisto, Angel De Oro & Niebla Roja vs. Gran Guerrero, Euforia & Dragon Lee

The Chavez brothers, Angel De Oro and Niebla Roja have had a tough time trying to win the tag titles from Los Guerreros Laguneros, Gran Guerrero and Euforia. The teams have squared off twice in one week for the titles with the champs retaining on both occasions. Now, the teams face off yet again, but this time, they have back up. How will the war between the Chavez dynasty and Los Guerreros Laguneros develop during the 86th Aniverario show? Could we see The Chavez dynasty finally get the upper hand and earn a future tag team title match? Or will the opposition come through, resulting in the tag champs moving along with future new opponents for their titles?

Dulce Gardenia, Diamante Azul & Titan vs. Hijo Del Villano III, Hechicero & Rey Bucanero

Continuing the tradition of six-man tag matches, the two teams go at it to see who the better trios team is. On this night, an all-out performance is likely to happen between the teams.

The CMLL 86th Aniversario show airs on September 27th, 2019 beginning at 9:30 pm EST and will be available for viewing on Ring Of Honor’s streaming service “Honorclub“.