SmackDown Highlights Rundown – Brock Lesnar Sets His Sights (9/17/19)

Brock Lesnar

Going into the night, the biggest segment we knew heading into the show was the coronation of the new “King”, Baron Corbin. Along with that is the fact that Erick Rowan and Luke Harper had plenty of explaining to do following their re-allegiance with each other. With that said, here is the best of the best from SmackDown LIVE¬†which saw the return of The Beast Brock Lesnar.

Shane McMahon is served by Kevin Owens

Smackdown Highlights

Kevin Owens was already back on SmackDown LIVE as a paid customer with a ticket in hand. This time, though, he was here to serve Shane McMahon. With a lawsuit against Shane for unlawful firing, it seems evident that he has nothing to worry about. Owens let it be known that he is going to hurt him where it affects him most, which is his wallet. And when it is all said and done he will say the words “you’re fired” to him. The Owens-McMahon rivalry still remains far from over which may mean we are heading to a match at Hell in a Cell in some way or form.

Rivalry Renewed as Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks Battle

Following last nights events between the Four Horsewomen, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks were scheduled for battle in one-on-one action. Bayley stood outside the ring in the corner as this heated rivalry picked up all over again. Back and forth physical action before Bayley began to get involved. Charlotte would climb to the top rope to hit a huge Moonsault to the outside on both Banks and Bayley. This would help her wipe Bayley out of the equation for the time being. She would get the Figure Four Leg Lock on Banks and was seemingly close to making her tap before Bayley got involved. The beat down began as Charlotte was defenseless. Carmella of all people would make the save, aiding Charlotte and sending the Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection to the back.

Rowan & Harper Show Their Warpath

Daniel Bryan was out at the end of the night to discuss the prior attack of Erick Rowan on him. He discussed how he was his friend and he was the only one to see Rowan as an equal. This led to Rowan making his way out to say he was done taking orders and standing in the back. Bryan got in his face to demand the man to do something about it if he had a problem. Luke Harper would attack him from behind, leading to a destructive beating of the former “Planet’s Champion”. Roman Reigns would come for support but would be answered by another beat down by the two men. The show would end with Rowan and Harper destroying everything ringside, including Tom Phillips, before putting Daniel Bryan through the announce table.

SmackDown MVP: Brock Lesnar

Brock LesnaR

SmackDown LIVE kicked off with The New Day successfully defeating the team of Randy Orton and The Revival, #FTRKO. As the three men celebrated, the music shockingly hit as it was Brock Lesnar. Fans wondered if he was actually going to make his way to the ring or was just a ploy. Then looking his biggest and scariest ever, Lesnar walked down to the ring with Paul Heyman by his side. Heyman and Lesnar stood in the ring with Kofi Kingston, who sent his brothers away. Heyman informed Kofi that Lesnar would like to challenge him to a WWE Championship Match on the debut of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox. Kingston would accept and almost immediately be laid out by the “Beast Incarnate” as Fox gets their big match for the debut October 4th.

The future of SmackDown is set as Brock Lesnar has his first TV match since March 2nd, 2004 before his departure from WWE the first time. But the excitement is nowhere close to done for WWE this week as NXT debuts on the USA Network tomorrow night and LWOPW has you covered.¬† Highlights from this show can be seen on WWE’s YouTube page.