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Preview: PWG – Battle Of Los Angeles (9/19/19-9/22/19)

The Globe Theatre in Los Angeles will host the fifteenth annual PWG Battle Of Los Angeles tournament with an all-star assembly of talent from across the world. Most of the cards for 2019 in Pro Wrestling Guerilla has been a Lucha showcase so it’s no surprise that stars from Mexico will invade this tournament to make the action even more exciting than usual. The PWG World champion, Jeff Cobb, won the Battle Of Los Angeles tournament last year. If he doesn’t win again this year than the winner will challenge Cobb for the title. PWG Battle of Los Angeles is a twenty-four-man single elimination tournament with previous winners going on to superstardom including Zack Sabre Jr, Adam Cole and Kenny Omega. Night Three on September 22 will feature the Three-Way Final but first let’s take a look at the full cards for Night One and Night Two. A complete breakdown of the tournament field was done in two pieces, part 1 and part 2.

Night One

A-Kid vs Lucky Kid

Battle of Los Angeles

Terrific booking on the part of PWG by having the UK sensation take on the German sensation in both of their Battle of Los Angeles debuts. A-Kid has wrestled match of the year contenders against Zack Sabre Jr in the past, a technical marvel and only getting more smooth with every big match. Lucky Kid is the winner of the wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament where he defeated WALTER in the finals, even though WALTER outweighed Lucky Kid by over two-hundred pounds. The underdog mentality of Lucky Kid is a big hit no matter what audience Lucky Kid is wrestling for and he may have a big future Stateside.

Prediction: Lucky Kid wins.

Brody King vs Caveman Ugg

A match that has brawl written all over it and that may be just how the debuting Caveman wants it. Brody King has destroyed Darby Allin but not much else in PWG in 2019. The offense of King can get sloppy and that’s where Ugg can take advantage. Brody King is a potential future PWG World champion and he’s armed with one of the most lethal finishers in wrestling: The Gonzo Bomb. The Aussie, Caveman Ugg, though has so much experience to make it out of the first round after being trained by Madison Eagles a decade ago.

Prediction: Caveman Ugg wins.

Dragon Lee vs Rey Horus

Battle of Los Angeles

PWG has scored a major name in former IWGP Junior heavyweight champion, Dragon Lee to face fellow luchador Rey Horus. It’s been a roller coaster year for Dragon Lee since competing in his first NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors tournament as a champion and tearing the house down with Will Ospreay. This is the first time Dragon Lee will be stepping inside a PWG ring and the fans will surely be eating up his mix of high-flying with hard-hitting Katsuyori Shibata-inspired offense.

Prediction: Dragon Lee wins.

Darby Allin vs Black Taurus

This could be the best match of Darby Allin’s career so far because he doesn’t care what risk he has to take to win the match, that’s better suited for a Lucha setting than an American independent wrestling bout. Undoubtedly this is the match with the some of the most unique ring gear and it’s an odd pairing. Darby is just getting started in his career but Black Taurus debuted in 2005 and he has appeared in Major League Wrestling (MLW) and IMPACT Wrestling along with his home at AAA since. Allin has his hands full but that will make this win that much sweeter.

Prediction: Darby Allin wins.

Jonathan Gresham vs Artemis Spencer

Battle of Los Angeles

“The Octopus” stunningly has never wrestled for a PWG BOLA before (making his PWG debut this past January at PWG Hand of Doom) even though Gresham has become a household name on the American independent scene the past several years. California is in for a treat with this match, the former king of Beyond Wrestling against the former DEFY World Champion. Artemis Spencer may not have the buzz of some other debuts in this tournament but he has sixteen years under his belt. The British Columbia native is thirty-three years old and with a ring-style that’s so smooth, PWG fans have lots to cheer. Jonathan Gresham has to make a statement in this match and it’s always a chess match with Gresham. He is willing to lose his knight and bishop to win the long game in the end.

Prediction: Jonathan Gresham wins.

Jeff Cobb vs Daisuke Sekimoto

Daisuke Sekimoto celebrates his twentieth anniversary as a pro wrestler by entering PWG Battle of Los Angeles for the very first time. It really does appear that Daisuke wants more out of his career other than Big Japan Pro-Wrestling, so he takes excursions to wXw in Germany and across America and Canada. Jeff Cobb is able to throw around everyone he comes in contact with but this is “The Muscle Monster” we are talking about here. Sekimoto is nearly forty years old but he only seems to be getting stronger even if the PWG World Champion takes him to his limit in this epic collision.

Prediction: Daisuke Sekimoto wins.

Non-Tournament Match
Joey Janela and Alex Zayne vs Tony Deppen and Blake Christian 

Battle of Los Angeles

A match that is going to open a lot of eyes and blow some minds in the process as Joey Janela and Tony Deppen will captain two teams with one young gun on each side. Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) gets good recognition here, Alex Zayne vs Blake Christian at GCW Escape From LA was absolutely sensational this year for two wrestlers just starting to make names for themselves. Zayne was trained at the Team 3D Academy and Deppen is a ten year veteran heel on the opposite side of the ring. Janela is desperate for a big PWG win and this could be it with Deppen playing the perfect foil to his “Bad Boy” antics.

Prediction: Joey Janela and Alex Zayne win.

Non-Tournament Match
The Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix) vs MexaBlood (Bandido and Flamita)

The most celebrated tag teams of the year in lucha libre, both teams have been all across America in several promotions making sure fans experience lucha up-close and personal and winning in the process. Flamita and Bandido are the fresher team but that also means they only have experience since 2018 as a team compared to the brothers that have been the highlights of many PWG main events. MexaBlood have a lot more to gain from a win especially considering the popularity and rise of Bandido in PWG.

Prediction: MexaBlood win.

Night Two

Jake Atlas vs Jungle Boy

Battle of Los Angeles

Could this be the coming out party for Jungle Boy? It takes more than being the son of a legendary actor to make it in front of a blood thirsty PWG crowd that will chant at every botch, Jungle Boy has athleticism and a connection with the crowd fortunately for him. Jungle Boy has taken off as a great tag team wrestler in 2019 but now it’s time to see his singles chops when it’s a three-day tournament. Jake Atlas is a graduate of the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy with three years experience. Atlas has a lot to offer to PWG and he has a very innovative finisher with his LGB-DDT but could it be enough of stop Jungle Boy’s 2019 momentum?

Prediction: Jungle Boy wins.

Joey Janela vs Mick Moretti 

Janela is in the midst of the roll of his career, it may get a big chapter conclusion to independent wrestling if Janela is able to take the big PWG trophy home. Mick Moretti is an Australian known as “The Rapscallion” so the crowd will be focused on lots of charisma in this match. Janela was once a long-shot to win tournaments like this but now the future is bright enough for shades.

Prediction: Joey Janela wins.

Rey Fenix vs Aramis

Battle of Los Angeles

Aramis is replacing Barbaro Cavernario after scheduling conflicts in this tournament. Aramis is another Mexican luchador getting his big break in the US through PWG, as he’s been wrestling in Mexico for a decade now, primarily with International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG), as well as appearances with AAA and multiple Mexican indies. Rey Fenix is going to teach Aramis a lot that he will need to take with him to future bouts. Fenix is never overshadowed by other Luchadors on events because he’s just that damn good and deserving of making it to Night Three of the Battle of Los Angeles.

Prediction: Rey Fenix wins.

Penta El Zero M vs Tony Deppen 

PWG goes through roster changes like any other company and sometimes it’s best to bring in new faces like Tony Deppen. Someone worthy of extra eyes and a throwback to Drew Gulak in PWG but just what will Deppen bring to counter-attack the assault of Penta El Zero M? There isn’t much that throws Penta off of his game and he will do whatever it takes to win, even if takes a Fear Factor onto the apron.

Prediction: Pentagon El Zero M wins.

Orange Cassidy vs David Starr

Battle of Los Angeles

“The Product” already won the PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 tournament earlier this year in the UK and now Starr is the top pick to win PWG BOLA 2019. There is a certain connection that David Starr has to the crowd and his charisma is almost unmatched. The ultimate personality is on the other side of the ring though as “Freshly Squeezed” will be looking to surprise Starr with a quick win. Orange Cassidy will be the crowd-pleaser from beginning until end but Starr is going to hope that doesn’t last too long before it’s time for the Product Placement.

Prediction: David Starr wins.

Bandido vs Puma King

Puma King replaces Laredo Kid as the luchador heavy lineup stays true. Puma King has more to offer than a supremely unique look with his puma outfit, his style fits the PWG brand perfectly. King has a connection with the fans that some dream about but the momentum is on the side of Bandido with his top-rope Blockbuster and non-stop offense, with a blend of strikes and high-flying carrying him to main events. Bandido was in the Battle of Los Angeles finals last year, then had a PWG World title match with Jeff Cobb this year. The time is coming for PWG to pull the trigger on Bandido before it’s too late.

Prediction: Bandido wins.

Non Tournament Match
Jonathan Gresham and Daisuke Sekimoto vs Jeff Cobb and Brody King

It doesn’t get more mis-matched than the team of “The Octopus” and “The Muscle Monster” but that’s what’s going to make this all the more entertaining. Gresham can apply submissions meanwhile Sekimoto can throw the big men around. This is one of the biggest tests of Brody King’s career so far but it’s possible he passes the test and even wins with the PWG World champion by his side. Smart money says Daisuke gets the win and challenges Cobb for the title in 2020.

Prediction: Daisuke Sekimoto and Jonathan Gresham win.

PWG Tag Team Championship Match
The Rascalz (c) (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher)

The champions are approaching the record-breaking PWG tag team title reign held by The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) at 631 days. The Rascalz have been champions since April 20, 2018 and that’s a big feat considering the fact that LAX (Santana and Ortiz) among other teams have been in PWG over the past year. It would be a bit underwhelming if Aussie Open lost their debut, new champions would bring fans to their feet instead. Mark Davis compliments “The Aussie Arrow” so well, a well-timed combo could finally unseat Xavier and Wentz.

Prediction: Aussie Open become the NEW PWG tag team champions.

Night Three

Non Tournament Match
The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher)

This will be for the PWG tag team titles if Aussie Open are able to defeat The Rascalz on Night Two. A first-time ever tag team match where both teams and perfectly matches. Davis and Evil Uno are the power of both teams while Stu Grayson and Kyle Fletcher bring the Junior Heavyweight style. The former Super Smash Bros, The Dark Order, bring their best to every match even if they used to be lost in the shuffle. The Dark Order is building themselves to be the top team in the world with win after win and maybe the PWG tag team titles come to the dark side.

Prediction: The Dark Order wins.








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