Top Tips on How to Bet on Wrestling

Bet on Wrestling

For some people, the idea of placing a bet on a competition like WWE wrestling is a bit of an odd one. We know that wrestling is a sport, in the sense that it requires huge skill and physicality, and all spectator sports are also a form of entertainment, but is wrestling really a candidate for sports betting in the same way that hockey is?

Betting on Wrestling – Hints and Strategy Tips

The bookmakers certainly seem to think so, and they are happy to offer odds on the big events in the WWE calendar. The fact that the outcome is pre-determined hasn’t stopped betting on wrestling from becoming pretty popular. After all, only a very select few people actually know what will happen in a match, and it’s a secret they keep closely guarded. Although betting on wrestling is actually categorized as entertainment betting, for the average viewer, predicting the outcome of a wrestling event is no different to making an educated guess on any other sport. Here are our hints and strategy tips for betting on wrestling.

Find the Best Odds and Markets

Not all sportsbooks will offer odds on WWE matches, and when they do there are likely to be limits on how much you can actually bet. The limits are there because bookmakers can’t set the odds in the same way that they would on another sport. The outcome has already been decided, and it’s up to the writers if the favourite or the underdog will emerge victorious. And no matter how secret the script is, leaks are always a possibility – it’s happened before. It may be worth checking out some new online casinos to see if they have decent wrestling odds on offer, and if they also offer markets beyond the usual match winner. We take a closer look at different markets further on.

Do a Bit of Homework

You can’t hope to win any money if you don’t follow the action. The writers will always throw in some unexpected twists, but if you watch enough then you might be able to make some predictions on where they will go next. Think about what would generate the biggest buzz among the fans. If it would cause jubilation or outrage, then it could well happen. Betting on WWE is about predicting the unpredictable, so reading up on the latest developments on this site can help too.

Look Ahead

This is a tough one, as it is with all event betting. At the start of a season, it is much harder to foresee what the final result will be. As the story unfolds, it becomes clearer where the writers are taking us, so the later you place a bet, the less favourable the odds on offer are. Think back to previous seasons, read up on the buzz and trust your gut if you want to make a bet early in the season.

How to Bet on Wrestling

There are actually a surprisingly varied number of different ways that you can place a bet on wrestling matches. Not only can you bet on who will win a match, but you can try to predict the manner in which they will win, from a pin to a disqualification. You can also bet on that moment just before the ref strikes the mat for the third time, only for the pinned contestant to escape and get back on their feet. A familiar sight for wrestling fans.

One of the most entertaining betting markets in wrestling is the type of wrestler who will prevail. Will it be the good-guy babyface, or the dastardly heel? Options like this are what makes betting on wrestling such a fun pastime. We don’t recommend that you wager large amounts – and in most cases, you won’t be able to – but as a way of further boosting the entertainment value, it can’t be beaten.