The Wyatt Family Runs Clash of Champions

Wyatt Family

It is a rather weird site when Bray Wyatt once came to the ring without his Wyatt Family along with him. And with that said, it would always be weirder when Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were not together when they took care of business. Last night at Clash of Champions was Erick Rowan’s grandest match of his career. He went one-on-one with Roman Reigns and seemed to be on his own for the first time since he and Harper were on their own away from Wyatt in 2014. These three men may not be back together, but by the end of Clash of Champions, the one time Wyatt Family were the talk of the town.

Rowan and Harper put the roster on notice

Photo: WWE

The last time Luke Harper competed in a match on WWE TV was at WrestleMania 35 in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. Before that, the only place you could see him was the Worlds Collide special on the WWE Network where he defeated Dominik Dijakovic in a great singles bout. Since then, he publicly informed the world that he had requested his release from the WWE. Instead, he was not released and his contract had reportedly been extended. This led to plenty of backlash and many fans wondering when we would ever see Luke Harper again. The answer was finally revealed last night at Clash of Champions.

As Erick Rowan gave everything he could to Roman Reigns last night, it still looked to not be enough as Reigns was closing in on victory. From the top of the ramp Reigns looked to put a hole through Rowan with a huge Spear. As he got down to ringside, he was met by Luke Harper who laid him out. Just like that, the two men were back together and showed they were an unstoppable force all over again. This not only led to Rowan’s biggest victory but something incredibly exciting. Rowan tried to seriously injure Roman Reigns, which begs the question. Was Luke Harper in on it the entire time? Time will tell, but two-thirds of the Family are back, with the leader leaving the biggest message of them all.

The Fiend makes the intentions clear on “What’s Next”

Wyatt Family
Photo: WWE

In our first ever “Card Subject To Change”, “Hot Sauce Willie” revealed the future plans for Bray Wyatt and “The Fiend”. Just one day later, those plans seem to be heading in motion. It was made clear a few weeks ago that “The Fiend” had challenged either Seth Rollins or Braun Strowman to a match at the Hell in a Cell PPV, but it was not said to necessarily be for the Universal Championship or just to be another victim. By the end of Clash of Champions, it was certainly known what “The Fiend” put his challenge out for. Following the great bout between Rollins and Strowman that saw “The Beast Slayer” successfully defend his Universal Championship. He would stand at the head of the entrance way holding his title high before it was decision time.

Sadly for the champion, it was not his choice. Hurt or heal. The two words that have “The Fiend” being the most devastating figure in wrestling today. Lights out, screams ringing. “The Fiend” held Rollins in his grasp before planting him with Sister Abigail. Then and only then he would put the “Hurt” glove to his ear as it seemed as though that was the decision made. The destructive Mandible Claw would be placed on Rollins and Clash of Champions would go off the air with Wyatt standing tall. It is certainly go time for “The Fiend”, who may be stepping inside Hell in a Cell with a shot at the Universal Championship soon enough.

Family Breaks Down The Shield Once Again

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Six years ago, The Wyatt Family debuted together. Months later in February of 2014, the family faced The Shield in the ultimate six man match between the two biggest groups the company had to offer at that time. And despite every great effort by the three men in The Shield, they were met with defeat by the hands of The Wyatt Family. This wouldn’t be the last time they faced, but again they would be put down. Now five years later, one member of The Shield has left, but two remain. And those two? The victims of the warpath that the three members of The Wyatt Family are on. While it may be a coincidence, it is interesting to think that they are both trying to dismember them all over again.

All three men were last together in 2016 before the original WWE Draft separated them and they would never be all together again. Of course, Wyatt formed his family on SmackDown LIVE with both Rowan and Harper being apart at different times, but they were never all healthy to do so together. As we sit in 2019, all three men are back, healthy, and having more to prove than anyone on the roster. How do they do that? Go for the flag bearers for the brand in Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. This leads us to wonder if maybe, just maybe it is all connected. Regardless if it is, all three men are the talk of the town heading into Raw and SmackDown LIVE for the foreseeable future.


“The Fiend” is the best thing going in wrestling. Harper and Rowan being together again brings a dynamic to SmackDown that could lead to being one of the more interesting stories in the coming weeks with their goal to take out Roman Reigns being real. Six years after their debut, The Wyatt Family is somehow once again the talk of the town.

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