CMLL: RUSH vs Caristico Set For CMLL Arena Puebla

Rush vs Caristico
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RUSH vs Caristico Set For Arena Puebla

Earlier this week at Arena Puebla a trios match was set between Los Ingobernables (RUSH, El Terrible, and La Bestia Del Ring) versus the team of Caristico, Diamante Azul and Valiente. The story of the match was that of a more than ruthless RUSH violently attacking Caristico throughout the arena.

Choking Caristico with the camera cables, throwing him towards the entrance and smashing his head with the fall cards which the CMLL ladies hold between falls. RUSH was determined to prove a statement on this night. That he was “El mas chingon” between the two stars. RUSH would eventually take off the mask of Caristico with help from the other members of Los Ingobernables. The tecnicos would win the second fall due to the disqualification issued to the rudos for the unmasking of Caristico.

But the beating would not end there however as RUSH continued to punish Carisitco during the final fall of the match. At one point RUSH threw the nearly lifeless body of Caristico to the audience. It looked as if there was no hope for him. That was until he found an opening that allowed him to take out all three members of Los Ingobernables. The momentum was shifted to the tecnicos, but there was more back and forth and it looked as if Caristico handled himself against the sinister group.

The conclusion of the match ended with controversy when RUSH faked a low blow and fell to the mat as if Caristico struck him. This was done without the referee seeing what really happened. A decision was favored towards Los Ingobernables who won the match. Caristico had enough and grabbed the mic and said the following:

“RUSH, the people noticed what happened, and the people want another fall to the match. Look RUSH, I want something different for all these people. Do you know what I want? A one-on-one match you and I for all of these people…”

RUSH would then grab the mic, approach Caristico and rip off his mask, leaving him defenseless and accepting the match. RUSH would then annihilate Caristico and throw him outside the ring and throw a set of chairs on top of Caristico. This would be the 4th encounter between the two as the two have faced off against one another at Arena Puebla and Arena Mexico in the past but RUSH has had Caristicos number in one-on-one matches and having a 2-1 record against the tecnico. The last match between the two took place on November 5th, 2018 at Arena Puebla where RUSH won by disqualification.

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