SmackDown Highlights Rundown – Orton Pins The WWE Champion (7/16/19)

Smackdown Highlights

WWE tried to hype up SmackDown LIVE to the best of their ability going into it. From the “first-ever” Town Hall Forum with Shane McMahon hearing the grievances of the superstars to Daniel Bryan making a “career-altering announcement”, the hype was real. The Smackdown highlights are below.

Smackdown Highlights: Aleister Black Puts Down Cesaro

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

Cesaro followed up the Town Hall Forum to ask Shane McMahon for a match with Aleister Black once again despite losing at Extreme Rules. Shane would give him the match and we were off for the races. This time around, Black experienced far less difficulty with Cesaro than he did in his first. Black nailed Cesaro with a V-Trigger styled knee that sent him to the floor. He would then lift him up with his foot before smashing his jaw with the Black Mass kick. This would lead to the great image of Cesaro’s mouthpieces falling out from the Black Mass. Aleister would win once again and it seems his rise to the top is inevitable.

Smackdown Highlights: Liv Morgan Was On TV In A Match!

Photo: WWE

A few weeks ago, I wrote a “Land of the Underutilized” piece for both Raw and SmackDown LIVE and since then a lot of the names have seemingly been on TV since. But one name, one of the names that inspired me to make the list was Liv Morgan. For months. Morgan put her own face on a milk carton and tweeting it out or touching a tv screen that simply said SmackDown LIVE. The hashtag of #SmackDownLIV was gaining traction put still not TV. Then there was the Town Hall Forum tonight where Charlotte Flair was talking up Shane and his decisions. Then Liv Morgan (!) stepped up to the Queen and Shane. This would lead to the line of the night where Liv would ask Charlotte: “Is there anything real about you?” Boom roasted. Shane would cut her off, but this would lead to a match.

Charlotte Flair vs Liv Morgan

To no one’s surprise, Charlotte Flair would win this one, but Liv would prove that she had plenty to offer as she ruled most of the match before getting caught for a powerbomb and twisted into the Figure 8 Leglock. Liv would grab the headset off of Corey Graves and let the world know one thing. “Charlotte was right, and when I comeback I am going to be real,” Morgan said. That said, her uniqueness of having a blue tongue and pink hair could be on the line here, but what is exciting is they are doing something with Liv Morgan. The future should be exciting for Morgan fans.

Smackdown Highlights: Kevin Owens Runs Wild On SmackDown LIVE

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

Glass may not shatter when Kevin Owens comes on to the scene, but one thing is for sure, he is the closest thing in a while to be the “I don’t care” guy who takes nothing from anyone. KO was told prior to the show he’d have the night off from competition by Shane. So, what does Kevin Owens do? Runs in from behind as it seemed the Town Hall Forum was over and hit Shane with a big Stunner before running out through the crowd. Later in the show, Dolph Ziggler would show up yet again promising to put down Owens in the main event. Shane agreed and the main event was set.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler

KO showed up for the main event and was ultimately met by Shane McMahon and all the bad guys in the locker room in the middle of his match. Ziggler looked to take advantage time and time again but could not. Owens would hit a Stunner on Ziggler and pin him for the victory. Of course, Shane would pull KO outside of the ring to stop him from gaining the victory. Owens would hit another Stunner on the night to Shane before sprinting out with all the superstars chasing him. Kevin Owens is the best thing going people, don’t miss it.

SmackDown LIVE MVP: Randy Orton

Photo: WWE

We all know the story of Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. Well little did we know was that story seems to be adding another chapter. After Daniel Bryan said nothing, Samoa Joe, Elias, and Randy Orton would all head out to the stage to make their claim to Kofi that they deserve a shot at the WWE Championship. Randy’s was the simplest letting it be known that its been a while since he held the championship, it’s about time the 13-time world champion got it back. Elias would recommend a 6-man tag which The New Day would accept but Orton would have zero interest in. Kofi would make fun at the fact “The Viper” has gone limp, which led to Orton storming to the ring and the match was on.

Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and Elias vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods)

The match was set and the heels did all they could to stop The New Day. It would see its end when Joe would put Xavier Woods to sleep and Elias hit a huge knee on Big E. With those two shut down on the outside. Elias would try to take down Kofi in the ring, but he’d meet a Trouble in Paradise. Randy Orton would be standing right behind him as he hit a vicious RKO to win the match and stand tall over the champion. It would be shocking to see anything else but Orton vs Kingston at SummerSlam, 10 years after their infamous rivalry.

SmackDown LIVE took some big but subtle steps towards SummerSlam without officially announcing any matchups but teasing plenty. It is sure to be exciting as they move ahead, and the new regime slowly begins to join in. A blend of old and new stars is the perfect way to go on the blue brand.

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