#AndNEW: “Relentless” Douglas James STUNS SCHAFF. Wins DOA Title…

Douglas James went to Portland, Oregon and stunned the Northwest Indie wrestling scene defeating the 260 day Champion SCHAFF and winning the DOA Pro Wrestling Championship at HEAT Sunday at Harvey’s Comedy Club. The Portland crowd was in SCHAFF’s favor from the outset, but that didn’t intimidate the “Relentless” one who stood tall to the DOA Champions attempt to exude his authority early on. DJ gained control with SCHAFF outside the ring he delivered three straight dives through and over each level of the ring ropes. It shows the athleticism and creativity that has him at the top of the rankings in every promotion he competes in. Not everybody walks in and challenges “the Baddest Mother F***er in Pro Wrestling” when they debut.

Soon after the dives the Champion gained control and began to show his dominance. The two gladiators went back between the ropes and James countered with a perfect knee and cutter. However, SCHAFF popped right up and he leveled James with a clothesline one move later. SCHAFF set it up beautifully. The match reset with both guys flat on their backs but able to beat the ten count. They traded shots and SCHAFF landed a final right forearm he looked for power off the ropes and James caught him with another flying knee. It was one of his two biggest weapons as he also landed at least 5 Super Kicks. Speaking of his hero Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer “The Heartbreak Kid” (HBK) Shawn Michaels with the man from Pittsburgh down he stomped his right foot “Tuning up the band” paying homage.

The kid from Jersey protected himself well and never got caught too long in the massive grip of the Champion. He worked at his pace and never stayed in one place long. The DOA crowd was chanting “SCHAFF! SCHAFF! SCHAFF!” when DJ missed a frog splash, but a minute later so did his opponent. They went back and forth until the Champion caught James on his shoulders, but DJ reversed it into a sunset flip roll-up and got the three count and looked at the official as if to say “Was that 3?” It was 3 indeed and James got his hand raised by the official, and a handshake from his defeated opponent. Great victory for Douglas James as he begins racking up the Championship Hardware again.

Douglas James
Photo:Douglas James

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