Huge Wave of New NXT Names Assigned


The past few weeks have seen many of the new recruits in NXT (and a couple more veteran performers) get their new NXT names they’ll be using going forward in the WWE Universe. While the past has seen many of the top indie stars keep their indie names, like Ricochet, Adam Cole, Mia Yim, and Matt Riddle, the new crop all seem to have gone the other route and been given new WWE exclusive handles. Here’s a quick recap of the latest name changes of the past week or so, with details on the new monikers.

Huge Wave of New NXT Names Assigned

ACH is now Jordan Myles

Photo: WWE

On Monday night, former indie superstar and veteran of Ring of Honor and NJPW ACH announced that his new name is Jordan Myles. Based on the photo ACH posted to announce the name change, it seems safe to say it’s in tribute to NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.

DJ Z is now Joaquin Wilde

At first many thought this was a blatant WWE choice for a name for the former IMPACT X-Division Champion, but the artist formerly known as DJ Z stated that it wasn’t the case and it was his choice.

Eric Bugenhagen is now Rik Bugez

Photo: WWE

He’s been affectionately referred to as “Bugez” for a while now, but Eric Bugenhagen, the air guitaring rockstar has officially had his name shortened to simply Rik Bugez going forward.

Garza Jr. is now Ángel Garza

The former AAA and IMPACT Wrestling star had a slight variation of his name, but still retained his legendary Mexican family name, as the nephew of Hector Garza and grandson of Humberto Garza, Garza Jr. will now be known as Ángel Garza.

Jessie Elaban is now Jessi Kamea

While she’s already debuted on NXT – she also competed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic – the previously bespectacled Jessie Elaban has begun to embrace her Hawaiian heritage more with a character shift, now going by Jessi Kamea. Kamea is Hawaiian for “Precious One”

Jonah Rock is now Bronson Reed

One of the top monsters from the Australian indie scene, Jonah Rock has turned to two notoriously violent criminals for his new name. He claims the inspiration comes from notorious UK criminal Charles Bronson (Michael Peterson) and Australian gang member Mark “Chopper” Read (both of whom had films made about them – Bronson starring Tom Hardy, and Chopper starring Eric Bana).

Luke Menzies is now Ridge Holland

Luke Menzies was a former pro rugby player from the UK who transitioned to pro wrestling a few years back under the tutelage of William Regal’s old mentor, Marty Jones. He’s since taken on a Peaky Blinders-esque character, with a name change to boot.

Adrian Jaoude is now Arturo Ruas


The Brazilian has been in NXT for several years now, often teaming with fellow Brazilian Cezar Bononi. With a finalized NXT name, the duo could be in line for an ascension to more prominence in the NXT tag team division.

Punishment Martinez is now Damian Priest

Photo: ROH

The former ROH World Television Champion had been working NXT Live Events, as well as one NXT TV taping, under his former ROH name, but when vignettes for his proper debut began airing, it was under a new name, Damian Priest.

Shane Strickland is now Isaiah Scott

An odd shift for some of the listed NXT names who has appeared on national television with two other companies, former Major League Wrestling (MLW) World Heavyweight Champion Shane “Swerve” Strickland is now going by Isaiah Scott. Name changes are nothing new to Swerve, as he was known as Kill Shot on Lucha Underground. While the name has changed, he’s still going by “Swerve” as well though. He’s also been working recent live events in a tandem with another NXT prospect, Brennan Williams (former Reality of Wrestling star Marcellus Black).

Trevor Lee is now Cameron Grimes


Another unexpected NXT names change due to his presence as a 3x IMPACT X-Division Champion as Trevor Lee, but the Carolina Caveman has also been rebranded, as Cameron Grimes.

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