Raw Highlights Rundown: Did Brock Lesnar Cash-In? (6/3/19)

As the build to WWE Super Showdown continues, the question all weekend long would be if Brock Lesnar would really cash-in and wrestle on Monday Night Raw. All night long, we would continue to wonder as it was clear Brock was in the building. Also, The Undertaker would return to Monday Night Raw to hype up his match with Goldberg. Here are the Raw highlights.

Raw Highlights: Brock Victimizes Seth Rollins

Raw Highlight
Photo: WWE

After a Miz TV segment and multiple backstage cuts of Brock Lesnar preparing for his cash-in later in the night, Seth Rollins finally had enough. The Universal Champion got inside the ring and called out “The Beast”. Brock’s music would hit but it would just be a tease. Rollins’ opponent at WWE Super Showdown, Baron Corbin, would instead make his way to the ring. Corbin would continue to be the fans favorite performer around by booing him out of the building. Corbin and Rollins would get into an altercation where both men would be taking shots and Rollins would put him down. Brock’s music would hit yet again as Rollins turned his attention to the stage. This would be another fake out with Baron Corbin taking advantage and take down Rollins.

Brock would head to the ring with his briefcase, Paul Heyman, referee, and steel chair in hand. Brock would brutalize and victimize the champion, hitting him with a low blow and then chair shot after chair shot. He would F5 Rollins and continue to beat him down with the steel chair. Heyman would continue to plead that they cash-in so he can become champion, but Brock would make the statement of “Friday”. It looks as though Lesnar sent Rollins to the hospital as a message, but his true aspirations are to cash-in at WWE Super Showdown. Clearly, the dream is for Matt Riddle to come out and mess up Brock, leading to a match at next years WrestleMania as Riddle vows to retire him.

Raw Highlights: Firefly Fun House Episode 7

Is it possible it can get any better? Yes. Bray Wyatt welcomed us to the Wyatt Gym and his new friend, Huskus the pig. For those who may not remember, Bray Wyatt was formerly known as Husky Harris, so here is another clever plant by Bray. Huskus was explained as having a bright future and having the whole world in his hands. Then a demon-like old man entered the front door very much modeling Vince McMahon. This may be the best episode yet, even topping his “secret” reveal. Enjoy.

Raw Highlights: Randy Orton and Triple H Throw Shots

Raw Highlight
Photo: WWE

Randy Orton for a long time has been seen by fans as boring. Well here is someone informing you that for a year or so now that is not the case. Orton does not care. He knows he is untouchable which is why he says whatever he wants. That is what makes “The Viper” a whole new level of fun. As he and Triple H had their stare down before Super Showdown, Orton took shots at Batista saying he can’t beat him. As Triple H made his final point before, he left to the point he would take the suit off and be ready to fight, Randy had the line of the night.

Before you step into that ring with me. Can you make sure to retrieve your balls from Stephanie’s purse first?

Orton could not stop laughing for the life of him which would make it perfect. Triple H would make the point of how Orton had no balls, but Orton was lost for most of it. An entertaining segment by the Randy Orton who really does not care what anyone says.

Raw MVP: Cesaro vs Ricochet III

Photo: WWE

Time to dare the WWE to do the right thing and give these two men 20 minutes on a PPV show. Cesaro and Ricochet have fought three straight weeks and after all three, it has not been enough. The two dazzled once again in the third hour of Raw. Ricochet would go for the same finish as last week that got him the series-tying victory but Cesaro was aware and reversed it into the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro would then hit a devastating uppercut but only get a two count. Ricochet would then pull out an impressive pinning maneuver to win the matchup, a second straight win over his current rival. All fans should hope for is more action by these two men in the future.

If Raw was just the third hour, it would have been a great show all-around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that by the bright side is the Firefly Fun House continues to give us happiness weekly. How will Brock Lesnar fair in his cash-in this Friday? We are sure to find out. Baby steps people, some of Raw had its moments. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the SmackDown Highlights as Goldberg returns to the WWE on SmackDown LIVE for the first time since WrestleMania 33.

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