Joey Ryan And The Road Not Taken

When it became public knowledge that Joey Ryan had managed to get out of his Lucha Underground contract rumours started immediately that Ryan had contract offers from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and WWE.  Ryan himself said that his time on the indies was drawing to a close.  At last nights Bar Wrestling show Ryan announced that he was, in fact, staying on the independent wrestling scene.  What’s interesting is that this is a growing trend and while Ryan is probably the biggest name to reject major contracts he isn’t the first and it doesn’t seem like he will be the last

Chris Brookes Sets The Precedent

Photo: Beyond Gorilla

When NXT UK became official they gut the UK indie scene.  Signing top talents like Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Jinny, Travis Banks and many more.  At the time it felt like every top star would be leaving the UK scene.  Popular star Chris Brookes very publicly turned down the WWE and stated his intention to remain an independent wrestler.  Since then he has remained a big star in PROGRESS WrestlingRevolution Pro Wrestling , and Fight Club: PRO as one of the few remaining stars the scene has.  At a time when it seemed like everyone was going to become a part of the WWE Machine Chris Brookes defiantly turned them down to remain independent and with the fact he wrestles more in a week than NXT UK talent does in a month, he must be happy with his decision.

David Starr is INDEPENDENT

Photo: David Starr

David Starr has become the talk of wrestling in 2019 thanks to his controversial yet fascinating promos.  His promo in the lead up to PROGRESS’ Super Strong Style 16 uncovered many of the problems fans had with PROGRESS, in a tournament designed to highlight independent wrestling they had seven contracted talents in a field of sixteen.  David Starr promised to represent Independent Wrestling and to defeat PROGRESS’ “NXT boys” because he is a proud independent wrestler and doesn’t want a “begged for contract”.  Starr has also had his fellow independent wrestlers wearing his INDEPENDENT shirts and has been counting down to something on his twitter.  In a time when the WWE has five brands full of talent, most of which can go long periods without TV time, Starr is proud to wrestle on his terms and be the best he can be on the independent scene.

Joey Ryan Chooses Independent Wrestling

While Brookes and Starr decided to commit to the European wrestling scene Joey Ryan is going to set the precedent for the US indie scene.  In a world with AEW and WWE currently operating the scene has had all of its top names taken as well as some of the younger talent Joey Ryan deciding to stay on the independent scene is big news.  He’s decided against working as a player-coach in NXT, he’s decided against toning himself down in AEW, he’s decided to be himself and continue to help the scene grow.  Ryan joins a growing number of talents that are choosing to be independent and continue to have their own creative vision instead of cashing in for a steady paycheck and possibly less creative control.  While he may be a big fish in a small pond it’s his pond!

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