#AndNEW: Takumi Iroha Wins Beyond The Sea Championship

Takumi Iroha

Takumi Iroha became only the second person to hold the SEAdLINNNG Beyond The Sea Championship.  The Joshi indie set up by Nanae Takahashi ran its first show in 2015 but it wasn’t until November 2018 that it crowned its first champion.  It would be Takahashi herself that claimed the championship defeating Arisa Nakajima in the finals of a tournament to win the championship.


At SEAdLINNNG’s Stay Tune 2019 Korakuen Hall show outsider Takumi Iroha challenged the Joshi veteran and to the surprise of many came away with the win.  Iroha is a full-time roster member for Marvelous who was originally a full-time performer with Stardom but when her hero Chigusa Nagayo set up Marvelous Iroha immediately jumped ship and joined Marvelous, becoming their biggest star in the process.

This is Iroha’s second major title victory as she previously held the Regina De WAVE Championship towards the end of 2018.  At 26 year’s old she is still seen as one of the main pillars of the current Joshi scene and is currently one of the best female wrestlers in the world with her array of kicks and lethal strikes making every match exciting.  While Marvelous may not have a title for her to win just yet she is more than happy traveling the independent scene and winning titles.

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