The Pump Family Is Headed to CHIKARA King of Trios

Pump Family Reunion

CHIKARA will present its most notable event of the year, King of Trios on the weekend of October 4-6. The first trio to enter the field of competition has been announced. It’s quite the surprising group as well. In what was at first just a dream team for us has now become a reality. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner will make his CHIKARA debut alongside two other wrestlers. Steiner’s first partner is Petey Williams. Williams is a former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion as well as the innovator of the Canadian Destroyer. Petey also was Steiner’s protégée and tag team partner for a time in IMPACT Wrestling. Williams bears a strong physical resemblance to Steiner, so he was styled as Little Petey Pump.

Joining these two will be IMPACT Wrestling Knockout and female wrestling sensation, Jordynne Grace. It has been a running gimmick on social media that Grace with her build and strength must be related to Steiner. All three wrestlers use their freakish strength as cornerstones of their repertoires. They also are able to perform feats of high-flying that wrestlers of their builds shouldn’t be able to. The Pump Family as it were will be bringing a combined 58 years of wrestling experience to the tournament.

Scott Steiner is a 30+ year veteran of the wrestling business. He started as an amateur wrestler though, having a successful collegiate career at the University of Michigan. Following his graduation, he trained with Dr. Jerry Graham, Jr. and made his professional wrestling debut in 1986.  In 1989 he would join World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and begin teaming with his brother, Rick Steiner, becoming one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling, winning tag team gold in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and the WWF.

Photo: WWE

It was during his second tenure with WCW, post-WWF, that “Big Poppa Pump” was born, when Scott turned on his brother in February of 1998. He would then strike out on his own as a member of the New World Order (nWo), with his bleached hair and goatee and trademark chainmail headpiece. He would go on to win the WCW United States, World Television, and World Heavyweight Championships.

Following WCW’s collapse, he would briefly return to the WWE, but it was with TNA/IMPACT Wrestling where he arrived in 2004, that he would become acquainted with his first partner, Petey Williams. Petey would bring his briefcase to ringside and set it in the corner during his matches. One night, Steiner and Williams were partners against the Rock’n’Rave Infection. Steiner stole Petey’s briefcase and left him high and dry for the match. This led to a match between the two at Against All Odds 2008, with the winner receiving both briefcases. Steiner was victorious, and a rematch was held the following week on Impact! Williams again did not win, but he gained Steiner’s respect.

After this, the two would form an alliance. In order to prove his worthiness, Williams was put through a series of trials by Steiner and their manager, Rhaka Khan. The last initiation would be allowing Steiner to cut Williams’ signature curly hair and shave his head like Steiner’s. Following this, Steiner gave Petey his own chainmail headpiece and the nicknames of Little Petey Pump and The Maple Leaf Muscle.

Photo: Top Rope Photography

Their partnership would come to an end when Steiner joined the Main Event Mafia. Williams was part of a group of younger wrestlers known as The Frontline. At first, Steiner did not attack Williams. But soon the status quo was shattered when Steiner attacked Petey on the November 13, 2008, episode of Impact! This turned the Canadian star face again and he embarked on a feud with his former mentor. Losing a “Headdress on a Pole” match to Steiner ended their feud. It would be nearly a decade later when the two would reunite briefly in IMPACT Wrestling.

Photo: Brian K Photo

Jordynne has not crossed paths in the ring with either of these men yet. She is, however, still just in her early twenties and a handful of years into her career. Jordynne recently signed a contract with IMPACT Wrestling and faced Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. She came up short at Rebellion but put on a great showing. Now at King of Trios, she will have the chance to team with her “father” Scott Steiner. What began as a running joke on social media has blossomed into a huge opportunity. Will any trio be able to stop The Pump Family?