3 Heels Going to Money in the Bank 2019 with Massive Fan Support

Money in the Bank

Amidst all the controversies regarding talents leaving and poor ratings, WWE has somehow managed to build a highly entertaining Money in the Bank match card. The show seems to be filled with great storylines, in-ring work, anticipation, drama, and promises of an exciting evening of wrestling. Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles will probably steal the night, Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari will be all about high-flying jumps and breath-taking spots, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair is a sure shot hit, and it has two ladder matches involving some of the best in-ring talents.

Heels Going to Money in the Bank 2019 with Massive Fan Support

While the card looks good, it would mean nothing without a good crowd reaction. A show can be only successful if the writers could manage to get a required reaction from the crowd. Baron Corbin needs to get heat from the crowd and Kofi Kingston needs to praised due to their current gimmicks. Even though the whole wrestling industry is based on the phenomena of good guy needs to get cheered and the bad guy needs to be chastened, it is not true in some cases. There are several great wrestlers who get the opposite reaction from what their character wants. Technically, they are not doing their work right, but it is not easy to get praises from the people while you are calling them jerks.

1. Drew McIntyre

Photo: WWE

Ever since his transformation into a real-life Hulk and signing NXT contract back in April 2017, fans knew that Drew McIntyre is destined to become the next big thing in wrestling. He has been getting a solid response from the audience ever since and after spending just a year in the main roster, he has become the biggest heel of the company. He has charisma, physic, promo skills, and all those things that were missing in his first run with the company. McIntyre’s release from WWE in 2014 was the best thing that ever happened to him as it gave him the chance to repackage himself as a worthy top wrestler of a global company, and he is procuring the benefit out of it now.

Being the only destructive heel in the brand, Drew is the top contender to win the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match on Sunday. There are other fan favorites like Finn Balor, Andrade and Ricochet, but the prestige that he would bring to the title is undeniable. People are desperate to see a good run with the Money in the Bank briefcase after the disaster of the last two years and many feel like Drew McIntyre is their man.

2. Samoa Joe

Photo: WWE

Due to regular absence from the TV, the United States Championship has been feeling like a lost cause since last year. Champions like Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal were only using it as a prop to brag about imaginary achievements and never got involved in any meaningful storyline. The championship desperately needed a good run to revive its prestige and to be considered as a reputed belt again. That’s the reason Somoa Joe‘s current reign is so important.

After winning the championship on SmackDown in February, Samoa Joe’s began his mission to revive the championship’s prestige, which he succeeded in doing so to a certain extent. His run till WrestleMania this year was the best the title had seen in recent years. Even though he has faded a bit after shifting to Raw as part of Superstar shake-up, he just requires one good promo to get all his thunder back. A lot of fans will be expecting him to beat Rey Mysterio to get a lengthier reign with the US championship.

3. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Rowan
Credit: WWE

Daniel Bryan is one of the few wrestlers who could make the public love and hate him in the same evening. There was absolutely nothing he could have done to make the audience boo him after coming back to wrestling last year. But, his great character development and condescending promos did the unthinkable and he became the most hated man in wrestling by WrestleMania last month. His life came full circle when he helped Kofi Kingston getting the same moment that he had received all the way back in WrestleMania 30.

But his month-long absence since then due to an injury made the fans miss him dearly. People again realized that they don’t want him to go anywhere and that’s why he got such a loud reaction when he appeared on Raw a couple of weeks ago. He is still a heel, but he has not yet received a chance to yell at people about their practices, so people are going to cheer for him in his tag team match with Rowan against the Usos on Sunday. People would again start booing him out of the building once he gets back to his old habit of being the annoying little baby. But, till then he will be celebrated like a hero who we want to see wrestle forever.


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