#AndNEW Two Title Changes at Stardom Gold May

Stardom Gold May 2019

Stardom returned to Korakuen Hall today with a stellar card featuring three title matches.  Bea Priestley defends the World Of Stardom title against Hazuki, STARS defended their Artist Of Stardom titles against Tokyo Cyber Squad and Momo Watanabe defended her Wonder Of Stardom championship against Cinderella Tournament winner Arisa Hoshiki.  Only Priestley would leave with her title still in hand at the end of the show.

Stardom Gold May

Toyko Cyber Squad Win Artist Of Stardom Championships

Photo: Stardom

The newest faction in Stardom captured their first titles together as group leader Hana KimuraKonami and Jungle Kyona overcame former champions Mayu IwataniTam Nakano and Saki Kashima with some help from Iwatani’s knee which has kept her out of action for weeks now.  Since the formation of TCS Kimura, Konami and Kyona have had a defined direction with Kimura finally getting a prolonged push and Konami moving up and becoming a legitimate threat in the company.

Arisa Hoshiki Wins Wonder Of Stardom Championship

Photo: Stardom

Momo Watanabe’s 358 day reign as champion is over.  The record breaking title reign that established Watanabe as Ace of Stardom has elevated her into one of the most dominant presences in the company’s history.  The “shining star” Arisa Hoshiki has dethroned Watanabe and established herself as a main player in Stardom.  It took two kicks to the head to put Watanabe away as these two went to war.  Hoshiki once challenged for the Wonder Of Stardom Championship in her days as a rookie but now that she is back and wrestling full time she is out to reach her full potential and winning this title is step number one.


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