The NXT Recap (5/9/19)

NXT Recap

The new set of NXT tapings went on air this week as the road to TakeOver XXV begins now. Things heat up in the Undisputed Era while young stars look to make a name for themselves. All that and more in the May 9th NXT Recap.

NXT Recap

Women’s Division

Photo: WWE

The Women’s division kicked things off this week as Mia Yim went one-on-one with Bianca BelAir.

Both women canceling each other out early on leading to an almost-handshake before BelAir kicked Yim in the gut. The heelish BelAir took control with a number of power moves, taunting Mia Yim along the way. It became one taunt too many as Yim fought back.

The two exchange submission attempts before momentum finally shifted firmly in Mia Yim’s favor after she countered a splash by BelAir by getting her knees up. Yim locked in a tarantula submission move on the ropes which was countered into a pinning predicament by BelAir. To consummate the heel turn, BelAir wrapped her hair around the middle rope to gain leverage and pick up the pin.

Yim was furious post-match with the manner of her defeat while BelAir reveled in victory on the entrance ramp.

Baszler and Shirai

Later on in the episode, footage from the Performance Centre was seen where the NXT Women’s champion, Shayna Baszler, was helping Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke train.

Out of nowhere, Io Shirai appeared and attacked Baszler from behind. Shafir, Duke and all wrestlers in the vicinity intervened and pulled the two women apart.

Tag Division

An exclusive backstage footage was shown of Jaxson Ryker of the Forgotten Sons, stopping a truck in front of the War Raiders (still not calling them by their new names) outside the arena. As Row and Hanson focused on Ryker, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake hit from behind as the three men laid out the NXT Tag-Team champions.

Hidden Gem

Photo: WWE

This week on NXT showcased a pleasant surprise. Raul Mendoza squared off with a returning and repackaged Riddick Moss. Moss was last seen in NXT in a tag-team with Tino Sabbatelli. He looked ripped and was sporting a new fitness freak gimmick, armed with protein shakes and other gym equipment. He looked like a 2019 version of Simon Dean. Remember him?

Usually, when WWE repackages and puts this much effort into a wrestler’s gimmick, it gives them some fresh impetus in their career. It is exactly for this reason that this match was so interesting.

Moss dominated proceedings, including an extremely impressive show of strength and balance where he caught Mendoza off of a springboard crossbody attempt and delivered a fallaway slam that JBL would’ve been proud of. Moss followed that up by doing push-ups in the middle of the ring.

The new Riddick Moss had plenty of opportunities to finish Mendoza off but chose to showboat instead. This cost Moss as Raul saw an opening and took it. A kick to the legs saw Moss go crashing into the middle turnbuckle. Mendoza followed that up with a flurry of devastating kicks. With Moss prone in the middle of the ring, Mendoza went to the apron and delivered a springboard, spinning splash for the win.

Excellent match, great storytelling from both men.

Main Event

Photo: WWE

Adam Cole came to the ring, amidst seeming friction among the Undisputed Era. The Original Bro, Matt Riddle, got a huge ovation from the Full Sail faithful.

The match itself started slowly before Cole’s experience took control. This was a surprisingly hard-hitting and brutal match, different to Adam Cole’s usual matches. Both men exchanged many kicks throughout the match but none seemed to be the finish. Kicks to the face should really be protected more than just momentum-shifting moves in TV matches.

Cole produced a tremendous counter at one point in the match. With Riddle hoisting him up in a fireman’s carry position, the Panama City playboy countered with a jumping backstabber which looked painful. Riddle countered a superkick and turned it into an ankle lock before trying to transition into the bromission but Cole had it scouted.

After Riddle kicked out of the Last Shot, Cole rolled down his kneepad and went for another one but Riddle saw it coming. A knee to the face sent Cole to the outside where Roderick Strong appeared and tried to help Cole to his feet. Riddle came out to the apron and delivered a penalty kick to Strong.

Undisputed Tensions

As Riddle springboarded stylishly back into the ring, he walked straight into an Adam Cole superkick. However, this was where things got interesting. The referee was busy on the outside trying to send Roderick Strong to the back. With Cole covering Riddle, the ref took a long time to enter the ring again and start the count, allowing Riddle to kick out.

Cole looked disbelievingly at Strong and Riddle capitalized, locking in the bromission and forcing the leader of the Undisputed Era to tap out.

As Riddle exited, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish also appeared to check up on Adam Cole. Cole pushed away the assist from Roderick Strong. O’Reilly held off Cole while Fish tried to calm Strong down as the two exchanged heated words. Both pairs exited separately with Cole audibly seething at the attempted assist from Strong.


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