Defiant No Regrets Rumble 2019 – Five Most Likely Winners

For Defiant Wrestling, their next big event (and their next in general actually) is No Regrets, which takes over the Manchester Academy on Saturday, May 25th. As is tradition, the event will see the third annual No Regrets Rumble Match, with the winner of that going on to challenge the Defiant World Champion (whoever that may be) for their title at Built to Destroy on June 29th in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

The past two contests have been won by Martin Kirby, as he captured the title in the 2017 installment before winning the 2018 edition to head on to have an unsuccessful attempt at taking the championship away from Rampage. Given that the current Internet Champion is refusing to appear on the weekly episodes of Loaded though, it’s doubtful that he’ll even be allowed to enter the match this year. We’ll likely set for a brand new winner this year, but who could that man (or woman) be? There’s certainly plenty of people to choose from.

Gabriel Kidd

Photo: Defiant

The most obvious winner has got to be Gabriel Kidd. It was revealed on this past Sunday’s episode of Loaded that The Young Bull will enter the match at number 30, so he theoretically has the best odds of winning the bout. Kidd has had success at previous No Regrets events too, as it was the 2017 No Regrets where he snapped his losing streak by pinning Cody Rhodes to lift the Internet Championship. Two years later, can he relive that same level of success and win the biggest match on the Defiant Wrestling calendar?

Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry has made it crystal clear that 2019 will not be his year. But, 2020 will be. In order to ensure he heads into next year with all the momentum in the world, he needs to be winning these big matches, and the No Regrets Rumble Match comes directly under that banner. If we’re being honest here, The Prestigious One actually has the worst luck in the history of this match, as he was the last man eliminated in both 2017 and 2018. We can’t be forgetting though that he’s a former World Champion, and it’s about time he relives that level of glory.

Rory Coyle

Photo: Defiant

Although it was a brief reign at just over one month, Rory Coyle‘s time with the Defiant World Championship was a significant run. It’ll remain in the history books forever that he was the one to end Rampage’s record-breaking 322-day reign with the gold. The Last True Sick Boy has more than lived up to his nickname as he won’t shy away from a single thing to get the job done in the ring. Whether that means choking people out with cables, smashing VHS tapes over opponents’ heads, or attempting to set people on fire, Coyle truly is sick. These kinds of tactics will get you far in a Rumble Match.

David Starr

Photo; Defiant

When speaking about David Starr, Defiant commentator James R. Kennedy always has one comment in mind – the nearly man. He nearly won the World Championship from Rampage. He nearly won the Internet Championship. He nearly defeated WALTER at both Lights Out and The Road to No Regrets last spring. He nearly won the 2018 No Regrets Rumble. While we wait to see if he earns another shot at Rampage on this week’s Loaded, start betting your money on David Starr as a favorite for this year’s Rumble.

Chris Brookes

Photo: Beyond Gorilla

This last one is a bit of a wildcard in a way. Chris Brookes, while a terrific singles performer in his own right, is more known for his tag team offence. Whether that be alongside Jonathan Gresham or the recently retired Kid Lykos, the SCHADENFREUDE member is certainly more accomplished as a tag wrestler than a singles performer. However, that takes nothing away from his time spent in the ring by himself. A recent attitude change in Defiant could be the thing that leads him to victory come May 25th.

Already announced for the show is Rampage defending the World Championship against either Mark Haskins, David Starr, or Nathan Cruz. Those three will have a #1 contenders match on this Sunday’s episode of Loaded to determine the challenger for the Manchester show. On top of that, the following names have thrown their name into the Rumble Match:

  • Joe Hendry
  • Mark Billington
  • Thomas Billington
  • Gabriel Kidd
  • John Klinger
  • Man Like Dereiss
  • Lizzy Styles

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