#AndNEW: Killer Death Machines Win Guardians of RISE Titles

Killer Death Machines

At RISE Legendary on Friday night, the Ohio tandem The Killer Death Machines, featuring Jessicka Havok and Neveah, defeated Paradise Lost‘s Ash & Dust to become the new Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions. While Paradise Lost had the upper hand with their manager Rosemary at ringside, Rosemary was rendered ineffectual once the returning Cherry Bomb evened the odds.

Killer Death Machines win Guardians of Rise Titles

There was no love lost between the two teams, who used weapons, plywood sheets, thumbtacks and each other’s bodies to leave the ring in mayhem, but Neveah scored the pin after spearing Ash through Havok (who was carrying Dust ready for a Death Valley Driver DDT) and through a sheet of plywood.


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