The Phoenix Rises: Beth Phoenix Returns to the Ring (VIDEOS)

Beth Phoenix has slowly been reincorporated into the mix in WWE. The Glamazon has been part of the commentary team for many special occasion women’s matches. She was on-hand providing commentary at Elimination Chamber as the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were crowned. Phoenix was also on hand at Fastlane, providing commentary for the Women’s Tag Team Championship match. Not to mention her prior work with the Mae Young Classic, Mixed Match Challenge, and Evolution. After the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection was able to squeak out a victory at Fastlane, Nia Jax and Tamina snapped. They attacked their opponents, much to Beth’s aggravation. It got so bad that Beth actually got involved, saving Sasha and Bayley. The sinister Samoan women did not appreciate Beth sticking her nose in their business. They wasted no time in attacking the Hall of Famer. A rescue attempt was made by Beth’s best friend and former partner, Natalya.

The following night on RAW, Natalya was set to face Nia Jax in single’s action. Nia, of course, was accompanied by Tamina. Natalya didn’t come without a backup though, as she was accompanied by Beth Phoenix. The match was thrown out when Phoenix attacked Jax. The reunited Divas of Doom celebrated in the ring. The reunion would be cemented a week later, on the March 18th edition of RAW. Beth and Natalya would come out and challenge the Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Beth then also confirmed that she was coming out of retirement and returning to active competition. During a match between Sasha Banks and Natalya later that night, Nia Jax came out to taunt Beth at ringside. While Beth was distracted, Tamina attacked her from behind.

The Glamazon announcing her return to the ring ended months of speculation that she would due to the reinstatement of the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Beth was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017 as the youngest inductee to date. She initially retired from the ring in 2012. This concluded her career after about 11 years at the time.

Beth debuted in wrestling in May of 2001 after being trained by a couple of indie wrestlers, the All Knighters. Her very first match was against Alexis Laree, better known to mainstream wrestling fans as Mickie James. In 2004, she would join Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), one of WWE’s developmental territories at the time.

Beth Phoenix would make her WWE main roster debut in May of 2006, attacking her first ever opponent, Mickie James. She would be allied with Trish Stratus at the time as well. Phoenix would team with Torrie Wilson to take on Victoria and Candice Michelle. This match would become infamous because Phoenix would legitimately get her jaw broken. Despite this injury, she would finish the match and her team with Torrie would win. She would go back down to OVW after recovering for about another year. Beth would return to the main roster in July of 2007 as a heel. She would quickly dub herself The Glamazon, a nickname that follows her to this day. The Glamazon also quickly set her sights on the WWE Women’s Championship. She would win the title in October of that year at No Mercy.

Beth would remain champion until losing it to Mickie James in April of 2008. For the next couple of months, she would feud with Melina. This would culminate in the first ever women’s I Quit Match in WWE History at One Night Stand 2008. Later that year, she would form the eponymously named team Glamarella with Santino Marella. The two would become a great power couple, even winning championships together. Beth would also win the Diva of the Year Slammy Award for 2008. Tensions would rise between Glamarella following the “Miss WrestleMania” battle royal at WrestleMania XXV. Santino’s “twin sister”, Santina, would eliminate Beth after allowing Beth to do all the work in the match. The two would go their separate ways, and in the fall of 2009, Beth would move over to SmackDown.

In January of 2010, Beth would become the second woman to ever enter in the men’s Royal Rumble match. She eliminated the Great Khali before being tossed out by CM Punk. Soon thereafter, Beth would turn face again by saving Tiffany from LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla El). After feuding with the duo throughout the spring with Tiffany and Mickie James as her partners, Beth was injured in May. She returned from the injury that November at the Survivor Series. Phoenix attacked LayCool after they had lost the WWE Divas Championship to Natalya. The two would form their on-screen alliance at this time. Together, they would defeat LayCool in the first-ever Divas Tag Team Tables Match at TLC in December.

The duo would move to RAW as part of the supplemental draft of 2011. Turning heel, Beth would voice her distaste of “perky bimbos.” She would be joined by Natalya and they would become known as the Divas of Doom. In October at Hell in a Cell, Beth would capture the WWE Divas Championship. Phoenix would hold that title until April 2012, when she would lose it to Nikki Bella. Nikki would lose the title to Layla, who replaced Phoenix due to not being cleared of the storyline injury she suffered. Beth would challenge Layla several times for the Divas Championship but would never regain it. In September, she was accused of attacking the returning Kaitlyn. Phoenix denied her involvement in the initial attack but would turn on Kaitlyn for accusing her.

This would turn out to be Beth’s final storyline at the time. After a match with Kaitlyn’s partner, AJ Lee, Vickie Guerrero would fire Beth onscreen. In reality, she asked for her release to focus on life outside of wrestling. Prior to her announcement to be inducted in the 2017 Hall of Fame class, Beth would go on to become a mother and marry Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland. Beginning in 2018, Beth would begin her new role with WWE as a color commentator. She would join Michael Cole and Corey Graves for the first season of WWE Mixed Match Challenge. She also made a one-night return to the ring for the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble in 2018. Beth would also continue in her role as a guest color commentator. She would join the booth for the Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royal, the 2018 Mae Young Classic, and the 2019 women’s Royal Rumble.

Now with women’s tag team wrestling being a focus for WWE, Beth is ready to return to the ring. As the Phoenix prepares to rise again, there’s no one else to be by her side other than her best friend, Natalya.