Preview: Future Stars of Wrestling – MECCA IV (3/17/19)

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Sunday night March 17th in the Fight Capital of the World, Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) Presents MECCA IV at Sam’s Town Live. The home of Pro Wrestling in Las Vegas hosts the final chapter of a huge grappling weekend in Southern Nevada. BELL TIME 6PM. Lucha legend Konnan is holding a AAA tryout on Saturday, March 16th, and the standout wrestler will have an opportunity to compete on the MECCA IV Pre-Show. M&G at 4:30. Doors 5PM.

Pre-Show: Graves vs Tryout Prospect

Photo: FSW Vegas

You’ve always wanted to be a wrestler, and now you go to the ring at MECCA after impressing Konnan in the tryout. He told you that he was very impressed with your work. Your music hits and down the ramp you go towards the ring. This is a dream come true and you feel hyped as you jump over the top rope. There’s a spring in your step. Your parents are smiling and so proud sitting in the front row and your Mom waves dabbing tears. Then you hear HIS  music. A chill goes down your spine as the cheers turned into WAR! WAR! WAR! “These people want to see me killed,” you say to yourself. It’s Graves and he’s coming for you. Is it really winning when you have to wrestle Graves? I’ll take a participation ribbon thank you very much…

FSW No Limits Championship Scramble- Damian Drake (c) vs “The Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff vs Douglas James vs Trey Miguel

Photo: FSW Vegas

Drake and Vandagriff have competed throughout Vegas and into SoCal last weekend. “The Flip Artist” gets another shot at the No Limits Gold but has two other very tough customers to contend with. “Relentless” Douglas James stunned Hammerstone last time at the Arena and nearly took the FSW Heavyweight strap off Chris Bey weeks prior. James had to vacate multiple Titles when he dislocated his hip last fall and maybe THE most dangerous in the field. Trey Miguel may have something to say about that. It’s just a matter of time before Miguel starts collecting singles trophies out west and the No Limits strap is a great place to start.

“The God of Ultraviolence” Nick Gage vs “The DEMIGOD of DEATH” Funny Bone

Photo: FSW Vegas

If this was just a nickname contest it would be amazing as nearly forty years of experience will enter the MECCA ring and neither man will disappoint if there’s a fight to be had. Gage takes on Hammerstone in LA the night before and after that war, he’ll be plenty warmed up for the DEMIGOD. Funny Bone is not to be laughed at. He’s very tough and has won Championships all over the Indies and if Gage takes him lightly it’ll cost him. Gage is the Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) Champion and rarely has a match that doesn’t get out of control. Let’s hope FSW Senior Official Austin Grimes is assigned to this match-up because it’s easy to see this one getting out of hand quickly. A lesser official could get overwhelmed quickly.

Intergender Triple Threat- FSW Women’s and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie vs Suede Thompson vs Heather Monroe

Photo: FSW Vegas

Suede goes into FSW MECCA IV on a six-fight losing streak dating back to last year, and once again the FSW Booking Committee didn’t look kindly upon him. He drew the IMPACT Knockouts and FSW Women’s Champion Valkyrie and arguably the top Women’s prospect out west in Monroe. Taya is tough as they come and won’t get caught up in Suede’s comedy mind games. Valkyrie wrestles with a smile on her face, but don’t let that fool you because she can kick your ass. You don’t win as many titles as she has if you aren’t damn good and “Wera Loca’s” just getting started. Monroe is getting opportunities at the top of the women’s division in multiple promotions and a high profile win would virtually guarantee her a return shot at the FSW Title against Valkyrie. Will Suede’s losing streak go to 7?

Nevada State Title- “The Problem” Sefa Fatu (c) vs “The Business” Hammerstone

Photo: FSW Vegas

This one could be the match of the night. Big step up in competition for the Champ, but as we’ve seen recently with wins over Graves, and Gabriel Gallo, Fatu has no trouble with bigger opponents like Hammerstone. The difference between them and Hammer is that neither of them held the FSW Title for 602 days, and may surpass the accomplishments of the prior Champs. Fatu needs to be patient the way he was with Graves and use the toughness he showed with Gallo when he was attacked prior to the match. Hammerstone is going to pound the youngest Uso with suplexes, slams, and short tight punches. Fatu can’t get trapped in the corner because the dirty boxing from The Business will come into play, but the Nevada State King is capable of executing his offense in tight space too and has to make sure he doesn’t get smothered by his bigger opponent. Can’t wait.

FSW Tag Team Title Triple Threat- One Percent (Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson) (c) vs The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier) vs Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)

Photo: FSW Vegas

This one will be good. One Percent is the best tag team in the west, and enters Sunday after facing All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels the night before. Will they be able to get back up for this one? Of course they will. You don’t win titles everywhere if you don’t know how to swim in deep water. Isaacs and Nelson will be ready, but if you think the 4X FSW Tag Team Champions are impressed you’re wrong. Reno Scum have also won titles all over the west coast and would love to become the first ever FIVE TIME Tag Team Champs. The Rascalz are certainly dangerous. One of the best teams in the world Wentz and Xavier will want to split the opponents up and turn this into a speed, quickness, and aerial match.

“The EF’n Machine” Brian Cage vs Shane “Swerve” Strickland

Photo: FSW Vegas

Strickland recently announced he was leaving the independent wrestling scene after losing to Darby Allin in Seattle last week. That could explain some of the high profile defeats recently to Jordan Devlin, Adam Cole, Nick Aldis, and Allin. It would be easy to excuse the distraction since Swerve had been rumored to leave for months. Strickland may have lost some tough ones, but one win he got was against IMPACTWrestling’s Brian Cage in SoCal on January 18th to retain the PCWULTRA Title. Strickland’s speed and athleticism make him a handful and he’ll be smart enough to stay out of Cage’s vice-like grasp. Cage is a former FSW Champion and comes back to Las Vegas looking for his own primetime win after competing here last with IMPACT.

“The Ultimate Finnesser” Chris Bey vs Jack Evans 

Photo: FSW Vegas

Chris Bey owns the Las Vegas wrestling scene right now and isn’t going down easy on FSW’s biggest stage. The FSW Champion is on fire right with wins over Owen Travers, Shogun Jones, and Douglas James in 2019 alone. Bey won’t be intimidated by the Teddy Hart trained, Lucha Libre AAA star Jack Evans. The 36 year-old from Washington state, who now fights out of Mexico City brings an incredible aerial attack with a 630 corkscrew and Splash with the talent to flip and fly anywhere. Evans and Bey are the perfect match-up and will certainly bring out the best in each other.

Mecca Grand Championship- Johnny MECCA (c) vs Teddy Hart

Photo: FSW Vegas

Two of the biggest stars not in WWE are Johnny MECCA and Teddy Hart. MECCA is the IMPACT World Champion and MECCA Grand Champion while Hart has multiple Titles as well in Major League Wrestling (MLW) with the Middleweight and Tag Titles. Both guys have a consistent aerial attack and prefer to stick and move offensively. Hart displays a strong power game and can make the match dirty if necessary, but don’t let Johnny fool ya. He has his own set of tricks up his sleeve which we’ve seen recently on IMPACT. This match is a Main Event anywhere and fortunately for us, it’s the one for FSW MECCA IV!