Alicia Fox on “Thin Ice” With WWE, Offered Rehab for Incident That Led To Arn Anderson Dismissal

In a shocking move, Arn Anderson was fired by the WWE towards the end of last month.  At the time fans were left confused by the departure of the long time WWE employee but had decided it was likely due to creative shakeups that have been happening within the WWE recently.

Photo: WWE

This may not be the case though, as a report emerged on Monday from Wrestling Inc. reporting that Anderson was fired because he allowed Alicia Fox to wrestle on at a WWE Live Event while intoxicated.  The incident allegedly occurred on February 10 at a WWE Live Event in Saginaw, Michigan, where Fox teamed with Mickie James and Nikki Cross in a 6-woman tag against Bayley, Natalya & Dana Brooke.

People have been quick to point out that Fox has had periods of her WWE career where she has not wrestled for months, with no reason explained for the absences and are now putting it down to substance abuse issues.  If Anderson allowed Fox to perform while intoxicated then it was an extremely unprofessional move that could have ended badly for her fellow competitors in the ring and therefore deserved dismissal. Alicia Fox, who according to, was offered WWE sponsored rehab but apparently “instead went absent, to the point that several in the company had no idea if she was even offered rehab or where she was.” They also stated that she was on “thin ice” with WWE management over past incidents, such as the confrontation with Ronda Rousey‘s partner Travis Browne at WrestleMania last year, and a reported push in 2017 that was nixed when she arrived at the arena two hours late. Alicia Fox has been somewhat Social Media absent since the whole affair but did return to Instagram on Monday amidst the reports coming out.