Some Fun (And Obscure) Elimination Chamber Stats

Elimination Chamber

The Elimination Chamber is one of WWE‘s most famous staple matches/pay-per-views of the past decade. Debuting in 2002 at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, the Elimination Chamber quickly drew eyes for its new concept, as well as appearance. Since then, 22 Elimination Chamber matches have taken place at events such as Survivor Series, December to Dismember, and the self-named Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Superstars ranging from Triple H, John Cena, and The Undertaker to Santino Marella, Mike Knox, and Big Daddy V have stepped into the structure. While many have covered the matches themselves, today will be a look at the more statistical numbers of the history of the Elimination Chamber – and just how strange some of these statistics can be.

Elimination Chamber Stats

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Goldberg and Carlito might not seem to be equal in theory, but on paper, their outings inside Satan’s Playhouse might say otherwise. Each has only entered the match once, but each also not only boasts three eliminations, but both were the final eliminated opponent. Carlito competed in his Elimination Chamber match at the 2006 New Year’s Resolution pay-per-view, eliminating Kane, Shawn Micheals, and Chris Masters, only to be eliminated by the WWE Champion John Cena. Goldberg’s Chamber appearance was at the 2003 edition of SummerSlam, where he eliminated Randy Orton, Shawn Micheals, and Chris Jericho, only to be eliminated by current World Heavyweight Champion Triple H.

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Test, Santino Marella, Darren Young, and Konnor each have entered the Elimination Chamber once and scored two eliminations, but have no victories. Test scored his two eliminations at ECW’s one and only pay-per-view under the WWE banner – 2006’s December to Dismember. He eliminated both Rob Van Dam and Hardcore Holly, only to have his run stopped by eventual winner Bobby Lashley, who would win the ECW Championship. Santino Marella’s Elimination Chamber match was at the 2012 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, where he would eliminate both Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett but would be forced to submit to World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan to retain his title. Darren Young and Konnor would compete in the same Elimination Chamber match in 2015 at that year’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Darren Young would eliminate Viktor and Tyson Kidd, while Konnor would eliminate Diego and Kalisto. It would be the New Day that would leave the match victorious, successfully retaining their tag team titles.

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The full list of competitors to compete in a single Elimination Chamber match and score no eliminations or victories includes Kevin Nash, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Hardcore Holly, Big Daddy V, Montel Vontavious Porter, John Layfield, Umaga, Vladimir Kozlov, Mike Knox, Drew McIntyre, Diego, Fernando. Kalisto, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Titus O’Neil, Baron Corbin, AJ Styles, Elias, Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins, Mandy Rose, and Soyna Deville.

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R-Truth has competed in the Elimination Chamber four times and has been the first competitor to be eliminated three times. These include appearances in 2010 by CM Punk, 2011 by Sheamus, and 2012 by CM Punk again. His only elimination is over Wade Barrett at the 2015 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. In R-Truth-style, however, he would be eliminated second by eventual winner and new Intercontinental Champion, Ryback.

With WWE’s latest Elimination Chamber pay-per-view just around the corner, as well as two matches already announced, including both the WWE Championship and the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship being defended in the hellacious structure, it will be interesting to see what new statistics can be added to the list.