Hitting the Marks Podcast: “Welcome to the Jungle Grrrl!”

Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: “Welcome to the Jungle!” Women of Wrestling’s Jungle Grrrl. Indy Star “Systematic” Eric Fallen. Good Bye Dean? NJPW New Beginnings. #HalfTimeHeat. The Plant’s Champion vs. The People’s Champion.

Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey are back with another over the top episode of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast. This week’s show features another double shot of interviews. Women of Wrestling‘s Jungle Grrrl teaches us the “Laws of the Jungle.” Then settle in and get to know the very dynamic “Systematic” Eric Fallen.

On the Run…

– Future Great Wrestling & Battle On The Border Pro Wrestling Indy Star “Systematic” Eric Fallen discusses how he broke into the business, developing his persona, balancing old & new school and the blockbuster 2019 that awaits him.

– Jargo lands another incredible HTM exclusive as he sits down with Women of Wrestling star, Jungle Grrrl. They discuss her incredible rise through the business and the success of WOW on AXS.

– The WWE prepares to go toe to toe with the Super Bowl and its pure genius.

– The Internet Wrestling Community is buzzing over the recent announcement that former WWE Champion and main eventer Dean Ambrose has notified the company that he will not be returning once his current contract expires. Is Ambrose actually prepared to walk or is this an elaborate work? Jargo & RBV provide some interesting insight while examining both sides of the coin.

– Get up to speed with the latest happenings from the Far East. NJPW New Beginnings, Ace vs. Switchblade, Jericho Will Be Back and KENTA Talk.

– This Week in WWE. The Elimination Chamber Event Begins to Take Shape. Women’s Tag Situations. The Baddest Bitch vs. The Bionic Redhead. Shane and Miz a Match Made in Heaven. Daniel Bryan vs. The Rock at WM35

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Jargo and Vickrey don’t pretend to be technical pro wrestling experts but derive their takes from the personalities and stories being told along with the production and promotion within the industry. Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast guarantees in-depth and unique viewpoints spanning a variety of topics from around the world of professional wrestling.

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