Indie Watch: Laredo Kid

Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This edition looks at another longtime Mexican veteran looking to break into the US indies, AAA star Laredo Kid.

Lucha Libre in Mexico is having a great run lately. North American wrestling promotions have been aggressive lately in signing such stars. Just last week, Rush signed a lucrative, exclusive contract with Ring of Honor, behind fellow countryman Bandido. Moreover, guys like Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. are in the eye of big promotions like All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and in the past, WWE. There are still great lucha libre guys out there, like Puma King, Flamita and Rey Horus. But, probably the most underrated of them all is Laredo Kid.

From Nuevo Laredo to Ohio 

Laredo Kid is a wrestler that many indie fans know, but don’t really appreciate his work. The Nuevo Laredo born has been going strong since the mid-2000s, gaining exposure in AAA and wrestling in other countries like Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH and in Puerto Rico, for World Wrestling League. Laredo Kid is an excellent wrestler when put on pressure situations, but chances have been slim.

He was part of the new wave of talent for AAA in 2005. He wrestled with promising talents like Extreme Tiger and Super Fly, but after failing to reach higher in AAA, he left the company. He had experiences with the likes of IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Taiji Ishimori and now former WWE superstar KENTA. Moreover, he was gaining popularity in Mexico’s indie wrestling scene.

It was in the United States, that Laredo Kid started to get some love. Companies like Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW), WrestleCircus and even IMPACT Wrestling that started to notice something about the young veteran. Kid was doing everything and was having high caliber matches with some of the best indie talents in the US. But, the same situation remained the same, big opportunities weren’t coming for Laredo Kid.

PWG Adds More Lucha Libre with Laredo Kid 

Last year, the former WWL Americas Champion started to see more high profile matches. He was brought back to AAA, where he tagged with Golden Magic for the AAA World Tag Team Championships and late into the year won the AAA Trios Championships alongside Myzteziz Jr. & Hijo del Vickingo. Moreover, Laredo Kid also won a title opportunity for Rey Fenix Mega Championship – that challenge remains a mystery.

Recently, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, a hotbed for exporting Lucha Libre to the US, brought Laredo Kid to their 2019 shows. Kid is part of the exciting Lucha talent that makes PWG a special place. Between Bandido, Puma King, Rey Horus, and Flamita, Laredo Kid is the most experienced wrestler in Lucha Libre and will probably explode in 2019. The man that has been scraping and fighting for the big lights is now getting tons of opportunity to shine in this Mexican wrestling revolution in the US.

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