Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 83: Remove Child Before Ironing (1/20/19)

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PROGRESS Wrestling go into 2019 looking to recreate the success fo 2018, starting with Chapter 83: Remove Child Before Ironing.  Last year they ran Wembley, became a part of the WWE family, and said goodbye to some of it’s biggest stars.  They are back at the Ballroom to kick off what is sure to be a crazy year for PROGRESS and British Wrestling in general.

Match 1: Nina Samuels vs Laura Di Matteo


These two have been on opposite sides for the past year.  First, Nina Samuels sided with the House Of Couture against Laura Di Matteo and co. and now we see Di Matteo siding with Jinny against Samuels and Charlie Morgan.  These two have been around the scene for a while and have been at odds in PROGRESS for a long time, and it will all come to a head at Chapter 83

Match 2: Angelico vs Jody Fleisch


Jody Fleisch made his PROGRESS debut at Unboxing 2 to the shock of most people.  Fleisch is 38 and has been around for two decades – for PROGRESS to randomly bring him in was a strange decision.  Strange yes, but not bad.  Fleisch has seen and done it all and has always been one of the most underrated performers in the UK.  He was a high flying wrestler before it was cool but can do everything else and will be hoping to prove to the PROGRESS Ultras that he belongs here.  Angelico has made the transition to European wrestling in the last few months.  Most known for his work in Lucha Underground and AAA, he has taken his brand of wrestling to Europe with much success.  His energy and ability to wrestle a fast-paced style has helped him fit into the scene.

Match 3: Chris Ridgeway vs Shigehiro Irie


Irie debuted in PROGRESS to face WALTER at Chapter 81 and was in a scramble match at Chapter 82.  The Japanese Beast is a talented all-around talent who can do it all in a ring.  Ridgeway is one of the most Japanese influenced wrestlers in the UK.  Hard as F**k Ridgeway likes to trade hard shots with his opponents and utilize his shoot style to take advantage of any weakness.  A clash of two wrestlers that should mesh very well and deliver a really fun match.

Match 4: Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo & “Present” Bill Eaver) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)


DNR are involved in two tag team matches on this show.  This one sees the former Sweet Jesus team take on Aussie Open.  DNR have claimed that they don’t have any issues with Aussie Open as they aren’t dinosaurs who were stealing their spot on the card.  This match is a number one contenders match for the tag titles that Aussie Open lost at the last chapter.  The Aussies will be attempting to get their titles back as soon as possible but DNR want to make opportunities for themselves that PROGRESS failed to give them in the past.

Match 5: Do Not Resuscitate (Spike Trivet & Drew Parker) vs Mark Haskins & Eddie Dennis


Ever since DNR debuted, they have been intent on taking out older names that have been clogging up the PROGRESS card for years.  Haskins and Dennis are teaming together against the invaders to prove that the old guard are still kicking.  Trivet and Parker are two dangerous individuals and Dennis and Haskins will need to gel quickly or they’ll be taken apart by their opponents.

Match 6: PROGRESS Tag Team Championship: Swords Of Essex (Paul Robinson & Will Ospreay) (c) vs CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos)


The Swords of Essex made their surprise return at Unboxing Live and captured the tag team titles from Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher).  An on and off pairing in PROGRESS the Swords Of Essex are once again on the same page and ready to wreak havoc on PROGRESS.  They face a team who also like to ruffle some feathers.  CCK are back and at their best with Lykos back from injury and the duo are ready to win the PROGRESS tag team championships again.  Some interesting dynamics as the Swords have more of a brawling, gritty vibe while CCK is all about the good looking Sick F**king tag moves.

Match 7: Ilja Dragunov vs. Timothy Thatcher


Dragunov and Thatcher are not strangers to each others.  Dragunov’s career rival WALTER is the leader of Thatcher’s stable Ringkampf and Dragunov has spent most of his career trying to overcome bigger challenges.  Thatcher wrestles a similar style to WALTER but has more of a submission based approach.  Where Thatcher will be hurt is the fact that Dragunov has faced WALTER so many times that he is almost immune to the big hits that Thatcher likes to deliver.  With that aspect of his game gone we may see Thatcher focus even more on his technical expertise.  Dragunov will need to be at his usual best to beat Thatcher but has all the tools and all of the knowledge to get the win.