Preview: Ground Zero: RELOADED (1/19/19)

Ground Zero: Reloaded will be held Saturday, January 19th, 2019 at the Imperial Beach Sports Park in Imperial Beach, California. BELL TIME 8PM The Main Event features a Steel Cage Match tag feuds in Southern California in 2018, and the much-anticipated rematch for the Ground Zero Championship.

Fidel Bravo vs. SoCal Crazy

Photo: Ground Zero

This is going to be a wild match. Fidel Bravo is a tough cat no matter where he competes, and the same can be said for his opponent. They both bring energy and excitement with plenty of surprises. I’m not convinced even these guys know what they’re going to do next.

Scramble Match: “Rocketboy” D’Marco Wilson vs. “Mr. Excitement” Ryan Kidd vs. Eli Everfly vs. Matt Vandagriff

What was originally a singles match (Rocketboy vs. Kidd) and a tag match (Los Luchas vs. Everfly & Vandagraff) has now become a tag match, after Los Luchas are no longer able to appear. After a tremendous finish to 2018 for Rocketboy, 2019 didn’t begin well at all in San Diego. He looks to get his confidence back against “Mr. Excitement”. Rocketboy is fun to watch but has a mean streak. Ask Ruby Raze about the skateboard, and his disposition can’t be very good right now. Don’t be fooled by Kidd’s age, the 23-year-old from San Diego is a nine-year veteran, and can beat anyone. Wilson is very talented and will stay focused to get the win. Vandagriff has proven he’ll leap from anywhere although there’s no second level in Imperial Beach, and Everfly hasn’t found a risk he wouldn’t take. Should be a thriller.

Ruby Raze vs. “Dirty” Dom Kubrick

Photo: Ground Zero

“The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker” Ruby Raze looks to get back into the win column at Ground Zero since losing to Bateman at Ground Zero: Champion. Don’t let the antics fool you, Dom Kubrick can freaking wrestle. He’s a tough guy and has a wide variety of offensive weapons for someone so new. He took Jake Atlas to the limit at Champion before losing to a skull-busting LGBDDT. Kubrick was one of the top rookies in California in 2018, and so should be ready to take the next step and a win over Ruby would be huge. That’s easier said than done. Raze beats people up, and loves every minute of it. For Kubrick to beat Raze it will take something special. Ask Bateman. Even though he got the win against her at Champion, the match with her ultimately cost him the Title later that night.

Teacher vs. Student: B-Boy vs. Juan “J2” Mattioli

Photo: Ground Zero

B-Boy has shown his support for the youngster in the past, but this is business. Once the bell rings none of that matters because every win at Ground Zero is important, and neither man can afford a loss. J2 has yet to collect a winner’s check, and B-Boy was stunned in Round One by Delilah Doom in the Ground Zero Championship Tournament at Champion. Expect the California Legend to win impressively.

Ray Rosas vs. Brandon Cutler

Photo: Ground Zero

The size differential is obvious, but that won’t affect Rosas. He’s adept at moving in and out and he’ll try to set traps to lure Cutler in for the quick knees and elbows “Sexy Jesus” loves to deliver. It’s important that Cutler uses his range and maintains distance to set up the Diamond Cutler. That move has become more reliable for Brandon of late, but be sure that Ray Rosas has spent plenty of time preparing for a counter.

Ground Zero Championship Match: “Uptown” Andy Brown (c) vs. Tyler Bateman

Photo: Ground Zero

People are still talking about the finish between these two on December 8th at Ground Zero: Champion in the Finals of the Ground Zero Championship tournament. The bout concluded with a slugfest and a pair of headbutts from Bateman that seemingly knocked out both combatants. However, the recoil of the second sent Bateman backward, and Brown collapsed on top of him. The pinfall was counted, and Brown became the Champion. Bateman now has one loss whether by fluke or not, and he’ll be hell-bent to get the belt he believes should be his. Andy wants to show that his hot run in the tournament will continue into 2019, and with both men fresh this time there will be no excuses if they don’t get their hand raised.

STEEL CAGE MATCH: True Grit (Jesse James & Hoss Hogg) vs. AK Rambe (KC Douglas & Michael Hopkins)

Photo: Ground Zero

AK Rambe defeated True Grit at Ground Zero: Phase 1 but hasn’t fared as well since. True Grit has gotten the best of them in different matches, but now it’s just the four of them inside the steel cage. Nobody is ever the same after a cage match, and with the rage built up with these four, it could be career changing. This stipulation seemingly sets up good for True Grit who is one of the most dominant teams in California. It will be much tougher for the extremely quick and athletic AK Rambe to execute their rapid strike offensive game plan. They like to use all areas of the ring inside and out, and will only be able to utilize 2/3 of their offense. Even if Ak Rambe doesn’t have a lot of room to operate True Grit can’t be overconfident because Hopki ns and Douglas are tough. They proved at Champion they aren’t afraid to take the fight to the Texans, and they will need all the fight they can round up to get the win.