#WrestlingGames: CHIKARA Kingdom Of Trios Review

CHIKARA surprised people with the announcement of their new mobile game Kingdom Of Trios.  We’ve played it and are here to give a review of the newest addition to the mobile wrestling game market.

First Impressions


Immediately, we are met with the tutorial for the game which talks us through the menus.  Everything runs off of the one screen with no need for scrolling but often a lot is thrown into a small space.  The tutorial will give you the basics to the game but leaves out a few bits of advanced information.  From the very start, the art style jumped out at me.  A comic book style makes it stand out from most standard match three games and the characters aren’t as weirdly beefed up as the WWE mobile games.

Game Modes


There are three main game modes: Season, Best Of and VsVs is your standard mode where you play a match against select talents with anyone on your roster to build XP and earn coins, health packs etc.  Best of is an interesting feature where you play as a select member of the Chikara roster in three of their best matches ever.  If this person is not a member of your roster, you can play as a clone which means you don’t earn XP but can still earn points for rewards.  Season is the hardest mode and one that will take a while to conquer.  The events can change and put you in different matches as you look to climb the ladder and win championships.



Kingdom Of Trios is a match-three style game, think Candy Crush, with less vibrancy.  Much like WWE Champions, you have special moves. in Kingdom Of Trios, matching certain colour blocks allows you to use a special move which can help give you the edge late on in the fight.  When you match three or more, you deal damage to your opponent which drains their HP, again much like WWE Champions.  It lacks the vibrancy of other match-three games but also doesn’t have the pay to play feel that many of those games have these days.

Bad Stuff


The game isn’t without its problems.  There is no sound, whether intentional or a mistake it lacks some music to make time in the menu that bit more bearable.  At times, the game feels aimless and you can easily get lost.  I can’t tell you how long I spent trying to recruit new members to my roster and am still unsure how, and without a big roster, Season mode becomes harder and interesting tag and trios matches are unplayable.  As mentioned before, the game lacks vibrancy at times and while the art style is good and unique it can make everything, especially matches, feel the same.  One thing that may need a rejig is the battle royal match – it’s a good concept to assign a wrestler to a certain spot on the board and eliminate them by matching said spot, but this can lead to long matches where you are unable to match a wrestler for ages.

Good Stuff


Despite its issues, Kingdom Of Trios IS a good game.  Its core gameplay is simple and easy to pick up and play.  The roster is filled with names that CHIKARA fans will know and love.  There are some interesting ideas like the different match types and a “Best of” mode is good for nostalgiac fans and to let you play with new characters.  The best thing about this game is the feeling that you don’t have to pay to play, it’s all down to playing and grinding to get to the top much like the journey of a real wrestler.  As mobile games go, it’s free and isn’t loaded with ads and is less of a cash grab than WWE Champions and Candy Crush which make sit a fun game to just playing for fun.

Should You Play It

Yes, 100%! Whether you are a CHIKARA, a wrestling fan or just a mobile gamer, it’s a fun game that rewards you for playing and is very different from most of the basic copycat games you’ll find on the app store.

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