Preview: PWA Black Label ‘Diego’s Last Show feat. Jimmy Havoc’ (1/13/19)

Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) has been a top promotion in Australia for many years, but in 2018 they really stepped up their game in terms of production, crowd attendance and atmosphere when they found their new home at Max Watts in the heart of Sydney. Last year saw the company experimenting with an 18+ focused product, which they branded PWA Black Label, and quickly saw success as they broke attendance records with 1,100 in attendance at the Star casino for PWAxPROGRESS. With the foundations that were laid the last year, 2019 is set to be a massive year for PWA, which could very well see them taking over as the countries top promotion. This all begins with their first show of the year featuring Jimmy Havoc this weekend.

Gavin McGavin vs. Paris De Silva vs. Adam Hoffman vs. Jax Jordan

PWA continues their collaborative efforts with Australia’s other top promotions this Sunday when they welcome Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW)‘s Champion Gavin McGavin. McGavin is coming to Sydney to challenge some of the city’s hottest prospects in a match which is sure to be fast paced and action packed. What gif will Paris De Silva create this time?

Kai Drake vs. Mat Rogers

Photo: PWA

Two of PWA’s hardest hitters square off in a match which both men are sure to feel the effects of for days afterwards. So far the only man that has been able to survive the power of Mat Rogers is the PWA Champion Caveman Ugg, but can Kai Drake summon the heart of a dragon to chop down the big bruiser?

No Rope Breaks Match: Madison Eagles vs. Michal Spencer

These two have developed quite the bitter rivalry over the course of the last few months with Michal Spencer managing to weasel his way to two victories over the veteran Madison Eagles. With their last match ending in controversial fashion, the referee failed to see Eagles touching the ropes, this match has been made a ‘No Rope Breaks Match’ so we may get a definitive victor once and for all.

Jonah Rock vs. Robbie Eagles vs. Adam Brooks

Photo: PWA

For Australian and international fans alike, this is a dream match. Pitting the three Australian Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) Battle Of Los Angeles competitors against each other this match really doesn’t need much hyping up as it’s sure to be incredible.

PWA Tag Team Championship Match: 4 Nations (Jack J. Bonza & Mick Moretti) (c) vs. Juan Direction (Funny Juan & Giant Juan)

Juan Direction has been patiently waiting for a number of months their number one contenders match to be scheduled, but at the conclusion of Friday’s Are For The Babes their patience had run out. This weekend the fan favourites. finally get their shot at the Four Nations. Since recapturing the Tag Team Championships, Bonza and Moretti have managed to be successful in all of their title defences, despite some apparent animosity brewing between the two. Moretti became a fan favourite over the course of 2018, often getting some of the loudest reactions, whilst his partner remains one of the most hated men in PWA. With Bonza and Moretti set to face off in the finals of the Colosseum tournament at the next show in February can they work together to defeat the number one contenders Juan Direction?

No DQ: Matty Wahlberg vs. Jimmy Havoc

Photo: PWA

Perhaps one of PWA’s hottest prospects, and certainly the one with the sharpest tongue, Matty Wahlberg has been asking for stiffer competition for some time now. This Sunday Wahlberg may be getting more than he bargained for as he takes on the UK’s Jimmy Havoc, in a match which Havoc thrives in. Wahlberg loves to run his mouth (as evidenced in the video below) but, unfortunately for his opponents in 2018, he has the athletic prowess to back it up. With PWA management suggesting that a victory here could set Wahlberg up for a future PWA Championship match he is sure to bring his A-game.

Matty Wahlberg speaks on Jimmy Havoc

Just ONE WEEK away from their NO DISQUALIFICATION match, Matty Wahlberg gives his thought on UK's Jimmy Havoc…..A new match will be announced TOMORROW! Also meet and greet tickets for Jimmy Havoc will be released later this week!….This is looking close to a sell out, get your tickets now at

Posted by PWA – Pro Wrestling Australia on Saturday, January 5, 2019

Also expected to be appearing on the show are CHIKARA Young Lions competitor ‘Tuff Stuff’ Ricky South, PWA Champion Caveman Ugg and PWWA Champion Shazza McKenzie. Given the interaction between the two current singles champions at the last show could we see a Champion vs. Champion match?

Sunday’s show will also act as a farewell to ring announcer Diego, a man who has earned a place in everybody’s hearts thanks to his witter banter with crowd and penchant for dancing upon request. Hopefully, we hear a loud final “Dance Diego Dance” chant!

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