Indie Watch: Sefa Fatu, The Samoan Dynasty’s Newest “Problem”

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Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This edition looks at the latest member of the Anoa’i family – the Samoan Dynasty – to make his mark in the industry, in Sefa Fatu. The youngest son of Rikishi and brother of WWE’s Usos, “The Problem” Sefa Fatu is starting to make waves on the West Coast indie circuit.

Let’s get this out of the way first. “The Problem” Sefa Fatu is wrestling royalty. He’s the son of WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, brother of tag team greats The Usos (Jimmy and Jey), cousin of WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, “Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu (Warbeast), and some guy they call The Rock. Despite his lineage, Fatu didn’t want to wrestle. He was a standout in college football as a Defensive Lineman at Dickinson State University in North Dakota. When his football career ended, Sefa made the decision to give wrestling a try. So far so good. He started with his father’s KnoxX Pro Wrestling in California a few years ago and is now starting to work his way into the West Coast indier

The young Fatu acknowledges the pressure of his family name, understands what’s expected, and doesn’t want the name to die. Fatu is here to represent the Samoan Dynasty and win Championships, lots of them. Sefa arrived on the Las Vegas scene and left beaten bodies in his wake. With wins over Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) stalwarts like Manny Lemons, Spyder, and Big Vig, a title shot is in the near future. If Fatu’s Title Belt hand gestures after his FSW Arena win last week are any indication then he agrees.

Fatu wrestles with anger and intensity and does a great job channelling it into a focused rage although he isn’t above engaging in banter with FSW fans at ringside. He’s bigger and stronger than he looks with an ability to deliver the trademark Samoan Drop while transitioning from other power positions. His taste for violent collisions transferred from the gridiron to the squared circle. The Problem likes to pound opponents into the corner with unapologetic aggression and disdain. That was on display at the Against All Odds Rumble December 14th when Fatu entered the ring with Superkicks and splashes in the corner. It was a highlight reel night for the Samoan and he nearly got the win.

Sefa’s killer instinct is advanced for his age. Some young wrestlers struggle early in their careers to end fights, but Fatu doesn’t. He constantly applies pressure repeatedly going for covers seeking a chance to end it. If he has to stretch a rule in the process then so be it. That’s part of his ability to grind and wear down opponents to soften them up for the Samoan drop and his devastating Frog Splash.

This man isn’t looking for a catch as catch can struggle. Nope. Fatu’s gonna hit ya in the mouth as many times as he can. A physical, full contact fight is fine with him. After Vig hit him last weekend, Sefa looked at his opponent like, “Cool, you came to fight too.” The kid is aggressive in his attack and never hesitates to engage. Each time you watch him he adds another weapon in his arsenal. It’s easy to say it’s natural, but the youngster works. He’s not only competing in Las Vegas, but he’s wrestling in California and is booked in Salt Lake City, Utah for a card with Devotion Championship Wrestling on January 19th.

He has a tendency to let his confidence get the best of him. Sefa was in control at the Rumble, but got cocky which resulted in his being eliminated. The finalists Suede Thompson and eventual winner, new FSW Champion Chris Bey eliminated Fatu when he got caught on the ring apron thinking he’d outsmarted them. Now it’s fun to watch Sefa jawing with the FSW Arena fans, but that can’t be a distraction. If he gets caught up with his antagonists in a title match it could cost him especially if it’s against an athlete the caliber of Nevada State Champion Joe Graves.

A step up in competition is needed, and there are plenty of opponents in FSW for Fatu in 2019. Damian Drake, Shogun Jones, Pain Train, Suede Thompson, Graves, No Limits Chief Owen Travers, Hammerstone, John Morrison, and New Heavyweight King Bey is at the top.

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