Hitting The Marks Podcast: “Facts & Stats Over Opinions”

Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: “Facts & Stats Over Opinions.” It’s Okay to Question the Women’s Evolution. ROH Final Battle & WWE TLC Event Previews. Indy Pro Wrestling Spotlight featuring Battle On The Border Promoter & Owner Mr. Denim Blevins.

 On the Run……..

– The Indy Pro Wrestling Spotlight:  Michaël Jargö & Ric Vickrey welcome to the show Battle On The Border, Pro Wrestling Owner & Promoter, Denim Blevins.

Mr. Blevins will share the secrets of Battle On The Border’s nearly three years of success as well as hype the promotions big “Holiday Havoc” tour happening December 21st & 22nd.

The BOTB Holiday Havoc tour will feature such notable names as Chase Owens, Brian Pillman Jr., Adam Rose aka Leo Kruger, Rory McAlister and your regular favorite BOTB Stars.

– Last week Jargo & RBV nearly incited a riot when they suggested that the WWE’s massive decline in rating coincided with the Women’s Evolution. It was perceived as an attack on women’s wrestling. This week Them HTM Boys stand by their initial take and reiterate the business logic behind their statements.

– Plus Ring of Honor Final Battle & WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs Event Previews

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Jargo and Vickrey don’t pretend to be technical pro wrestling experts but derive their takes from the personalities and stories being told along with the production and promotion within the industry. Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast guarantees in-depth and unique viewpoints spanning a variety of topics from around the world of professional wrestling.

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