Preview: WWL Black XMAS (12/15/18)

World Wrestling League arguably the best wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico, returns this Saturday, Black XMAS. The show will close a year that has presented WWL with many ups and downs. While the company presented two sold out shows and the best wrestling matches of the year, they also lost their top wrestlers in a span of a month. Mecha Wolf 450 is no longer their main attraction and his imminent replacement, Mike Mendoza, is recovering from injury. The Black XMAS show has the WWL’s most loyal wrestlers and fresh faces that will surely make an impact in 2019.

WWL Cruiserweight Championship: Mark Davidson (c) vs. Angel Cotto

Photo: WWL

Mark Davidson really stood out this 2018. His health is up to 100% and his ability has only gotten better. Davidson received big heat after disbanding with his famous trio of Los Favoritos, with later attacking his partner Allison. Angel Cotto is the last World Wrestling Council Junior Heavyweight Champion. He was supposed to debut in the last WWL show in Villalba, but his flight was cancelled. Cotto is a great talker and someone that can have a good rivalry against Davidson and other up-and-commers.

WWL Americas Championship: JC Navarro (c) vs. Man-Beast Enyel

Photo: WWL

JC Navarro barely defends his Americas championship. The best technical wrestler in Puerto Rico was heavily involved in a feud with the IWA PR-Originals. Navarro is a tremendous wrestler, who can deliver big time matches, but opponents in the mid card have been low. Now, with Enyel coming from WWC, Navarro has to step-up to the plate and show why he won the Americas Championship.

WWL Tag Team Championships: Westside Mafia (Morgan & Tabu) vs. Primos Melendez

Photo: WWL

The closing of a series of matches that really revived the tag scene in WWL and probably in Puerto Rico. Primos Melendez and the popular Westside Mafia headlined most of the WWL shows this year, while delivering the best matches. The former champions, Los Melendez, won the title back in Golpe de Estado. But, after a wild Tables, Ladder and Chair match August, WSM regained the titles. Now, Los Melendez look for one last opportunity for the titles in 2018.

#1 Contender for the WWL Heavyweight Championship: Manny Ferno vs. El Leon Apolo vs. Mr. BIG vs. Electro

Photo: WWL

An interesting development for this match. Manny Ferno has been the best heel in Puerto Rico in 2018. A master in the promos and can talk hours in front of a sold-out crowd, Ferno is not much of great wrestler, something that WWL prides itself. On the other corner, there’s Mr. BIG, the former WWL Champion and someone who’s been a surprise for many fans that have seen his potential being wasted. Apolo is on his way to the IWA PR revival project. He was brought as another part of the WWL vs. IWA PR feud but has been floating around in WWL. Electro is arguably the next big thing for WWL. Agile, great look and delivering great matches, Electro is everyone’s Dark Horse in this match. The winner faces BJ in the main event.

WWL Heavyweight Championship: BJ (C) vs. The Winner of the Fatal Four Way

BJ has been short of phenomenal in the WWL. His charisma has been a shiny light to the ugly exit of Mecha Wolf 450 from the company. His mic skills prove that he can hang as the face of the next company. Although he has everything going for him, BJ looks to be a transitional champion, if he faces Manny Ferno in the main event, the writing will be on the wall.