Preview: Beyond Wrestling vs. CHIKARA: Extreme Warfare Revenge (12/16/18)

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It’s the next chapter in the war between Beyond Wrestling and CHIKARA. At CHIKARA’s Cibernetico: 7 Man Army, Beyond came out on top. This time, Beyond Wrestling is hosting the festivities on December 16th with Extreme Warfare Revenge. The show will start at 5:00 PM Eastern. Will Beyond continue to rule the day, or will CHIKARA get revenge? (EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of fairness, we’ve had our CHIKARA correspondent Brandi Wagner report on the CHIKARA side, and Beyond correspondent Jamie Greer report on the Beyond side)

BLANK vs. Orange Cassidy

Blank (on left) with protege Still Life with Apricots and Pears (right)

Brandi Wagner: First up we have CHIKARA’s tortured artist, BLANK. He is the leader of a group called the Nouveau Aesthetic. Orange Cassidy is arguably the most laidback wrestler on today’s scene. Orange has competed for CHIKARA before as part of the Gentlemen’s Club. These two have crossed paths once before when BLANK was known as Race Jaxon. That was in a tag team gauntlet situation though, never have they tangled in singles competition. This will be Orange’s last challenge on his way to facing Tracy Williams at Heavy Lies the Crown. Will BLANK throw an unexpected stumble on his road to challenging for the Powerbomb.TV Independent Wrestling Championship? Or will he squeeze out another satisfying glass of victory?

Jamie Greer: CHIKARA fans are no stranger to Orange Cassidy. He’s appeared off and on with the company since 2005, often with his Gentlemen’s Club partner Chuck Taylor. But since 2014, Orange Cassidy has been the darling of Beyond Wrestling, and in recent times, has been considered the “Ace” of Beyond, much to David Starr’s chagrin. With Cassidy’s laid-back attitude, this might be one painting that takes Blank some time to complete.

Penelope Ford vs. Solo Darling

Photo: Beyond

BW: Penelope and Solo have a bit of history with each other. They have been on opposite sides of the ring as members of opposing teams, and they have also been partners in the past. However, they have not yet squared off in a single’s match before. Both women can fly high and take the fight to their opponent, man or woman. Penelope’s willingness to take the highest of risks is always an advantage she has. Her cheerleading background also aids in this area. Solo has the experience advantage in spades, as well as a great repertoire of mat wrestling moves. CHIKARA has not yet been kind to Penelope, as she has yet to gain a win. Perhaps more familiar territory will help the Bad Girl a little as well.

Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. Ryan Galeone


BW: This is going to be a hoss fight. We have the hulking Ryan Galeone of the winning Cibernetico team taking on the Proletariat Boar of Moldova. Boar is on the warpath too, as his tail was cut off by Nick Gage in that same match. This will be the second ever time these two wrestlers have faced each other. In a one-on-one situation, it’ll be interesting to see what tactics they employ. Both are power-based wrestlers, used to taking on smaller opponents. One advantage that Galeone may have over “Pig Daddy Cool” is that in addition to a power game, he can fly as well. That very well could make the difference in a game of inches. There’s only one way to find out, tune into Extreme Warfare Revenge!

JG: A battle of big men for sure, as Ryan Galeone is 6’7″. The New York native is a product of the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) who began working for Beyond in 2014 as well as CZW, EVOLVE and others. As Ryan Rush, he is a former NYWC Heavyweight Champion and 3x NYWC Tag Team Champion with Tony Burma in Big Time Rush.

Nick Gage vs. Fire Ant

Photo: Beyond

BW: Nick Gage wrestling in family-friendly CHIKARA is one thing people would’ve never thought would happen. But it did! And he was successful in his first outing there, being part of the winning Beyond team. Now Gage is back on more comfortable territory and looks to defend his kingdom against CHIKARA. His opponent is none other than the Hottest Property in CHIKARA, Fire Ant. Fire Ant has been very successful this year in CHIKARA and it will remain to be seen if his momentum helps him elsewhere. Nick Gage is unlike any wrestler Fire Ant has faced before. Gage’s ultraviolent reputation precedes him, and he’s willing to go to any lengths to get in his opponent’s head. This is most recently evidenced by the cutting of the Proletariat Boar of Moldova’s tail. Fire Ant will certainly have revenge on his heart for this as well.

Dick Justice vs. Cheeseburger

Photo: Beyond

BW: This one won’t be a mat classic. But it’s more than likely going to be a good time. The fun-loving patriotic Supercop Dick Justice is a familiar face in Beyond. He’s also well known around the northeast and mid-west independent scenes. He may not be the second coming of Dory Funk, Jr., but he’s always willing to protect and defend. Cheeseburger is also beloved by fans as the ultimate underdog. He’s probably best known for his long career in ROH. In a show so heavy with promotional pride on the line, it’s important to have a light-hearted moment or two.

Ophidian vs. Wheeler YUTA

Photo: Beyond

BW: This next match has the potential to steal the entire show. Ophidian the Cobra is one of CHIKARA’s standout stars, as well as a trainer at the Wrestle Factory. Wheeler YUTA is one of the up-and-coming rising stars in indie wrestling, as well as Beyond Wrestling. Both men are gifted technically and with high-flying maneuvers. They are very evenly matched, except the experience is on Ophidian’s side. The Master of Snake Style is a veteran of over a decade, compared to YUTA who’s been around for about four years.

Chris Dickinson vs. Boomer Hatfield

Photo: Beyond

BW: Boomer Hatfield is the youngest member of the CHIKARA roster. He is the son of Boomer Hatfield and he has just a handful of matches under his belt. Sadly, Boomer was the first wrestler eliminated from Cibernetico and he took quite the beating at the hands of Team Beyond. The youngest Hatfield will look to get some revenge and get a huge win on his own.

JG: Chris Dickinson is a force to be reckoned with and the Beyond mainstay and EVOLVE regular has the gold to prove it. A 2x EVOLVE Tag Team Champion with Jaka in the dominant indie tag team Doom Patrol, he’s also a former AIW Intense Champion. Poor, poor Boomer. He’s for a sh*t-kicking.

Icarus vs. Stokely Hathaway

Photo: Beyond

BW: The Winged Ring Warrior of CHIKARA, Icarus is a season one original character. He has seen many transformations over the years, both for good and bad. He currently leads a faction called F.I.S.T. and one of his partners is also in action later in this show, Travis Huckabee. Don’t let Icarus’ short stature fool you, the man can fly and make magic happen in the ring. He has taken up Stokely Hathaway’s open challenge at Extreme Warfare Revenge.

JG: Stokely Hathaway was the mouthpiece and manager of the stars, guiding many of the indie scene’s top stars for the past few years. Lately, he’s been drawn into more matches than ever and is on a bit of a win streak with victories over Colt Cabana, Orange Cassidy and CHIKARA’s own legend, UltraMantis Black.

Jay Freddie vs. Travis Huckabee

BW: The Golden Grappler of CHIKARA, Travis Huckabee is a wrestling machine. Once a fan favorite, he has turned to the dark side with Icarus’ help. While he has seen mixed results, it’s no doubt upped his wrestling game. The killer instinct has been awakened inside Huckabee and now his sights are set on Jay Freddie.

JG: Jay Freddie is no flash in the pan or indie newbie. He’s a 10-year veteran of the New York scene, who also spent time in Japan with Great Muta’s WRESTLE-1. He’s been pairing in Beyond with Rory Gulak in the tag team American Strong but he’s going to show Huckabee he’s an elite level singles grappler as well.

Creatures of the Deep (Cajun Crawdad & Hermit Crab) vs. Beaver Boys (John Silver & Alex Reynolds)


BW: Perhaps one of the more unusual teams from CHIKARA, we have the crustacean connection of Cajun Crawdad and Hermit Crab. They may not be the nicest sea creatures, but they do know how to get the job done in the ring. They are younger wrestlers, with two- and four years’ experience, respectively. The Beaver Boys were part of the winning Cibernetico team.

Photo: Christine Coons

JG: The Beaver Boys are a pair of Northeast indie veterans. Former PWG, CZW and NYWC Tag Team Champions, they’ve faced the best and come out strong. The Beaver Boys should finish these two off like a seafood buffet at Red Lobster.

Powerbomb.TV Independent Wrestling Championship Match: Tracy Williams (c) vs. Hallowicked

Photo: Beyond

BW: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams defends his Powerbomb.TV Independent Wrestling Championship against Hallowicked. Like Icarus, Hallowicked is a season one original to CHIKARA. The Broadsword of Nazmaldun is ruthless, as shown in the Cibernetico match. He allowed Boomer Hatfield to be eliminated and did not offer an ounce of help for CHIKARA. While he may not have been on Team CHIKARA by choice, he is motivated by glory. He would like nothing more than to tear that title away from Williams with a wicked grin on his face.

JG: Since leaving EVOLVE, where he was a 2x EVOLVE Tag Team Champion, “Hot Sauce” has become a more complete wreslter, continuing his reign in Beyond Wrestling, as well as being the reigning AIW Absolute Champion and making his Ring of Honor debut. But he’s never faced someone with such pure evil in his soul than Hallowicked.

This special will NOT be airing live, but will be featured VOD at a later date.