Indie Watch: Damian Drake, FSW’s Hometown Star

Indie Watch is our regular series that looks at all of the amazing talents working the independent circuits around the world. Some are veterans revitalizing their careers, some are indie prospects hitting their peaks, while others are names to be on the watch for! This edition looks at an emerging young star from the West Coast indie scene in “The New Age Daredevil” Damian Drake, who has been finding success with Ring Warriors, Future Stars of Wrestling and West Coast Wrestling Connection and heads into 2019 as one of the wild west’s top prospects.

Vegas born Damian Drake has an opportunity this Friday, December 14th with Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) to win the No Limits Championship in his hometown, and to take the belt from his bitter enemy, “Chief” Owen Travers. Drake beat Travers earlier in the year inside a steel cage and looks ready as ever to do it again. The 6’0″, 155 pounder hit the wrestling scene with a flourish. Drake debuted in 2015 and won the FSW Tag Team Title with Spyder Warrior (as Night Warriors) in December against the BFF’s. The tandem would keep the straps until April 2016 dropping the titles (as Midnight Marvels) to the Bonus Boyz (Clutch & Sugar Brown). Despite the setback, Damian’s strong year in Vegas Valley was awarded the 2016 FSW Rookie of The Year.

2016 saw Drake’s taste for gold continue in Oregon with West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC). While he may have had early title success in Las Vegas it wasn’t the same in the Pacific Northwest. The former FSW Tag Champ came up short against Ethan HD for the WCWC Legacy crown, and teamed with Spyder Warrior again trying to get the WCWC Tag Titles from the Bonus Boyz but was unsuccessful. Early 2017 saw Drake get a shot at the WCWC Pacific Northwest TV Title losing to The Grappler. A change of tag partners early in 2017 meant a change in fortune. Teaming with Mikey O’Shea (as Fight and Flight), and after multiple attempts, Damian Drake finally got the gold he sought when Fight and Flight beat the Bonus Boyz to win the WCWC Tag Team Championship. Drake also competed in Southern California with Championship Wrestling From Hollywood (CWFH) competing in the 2017 Red Carpet Rumble (won by Tyler Bateman).

The Descendant of Bludhaven has one of the best flying knees in wrestling today. Similar to Matt Riddle’s jaw-breaking knee, Drake delivers this weapon with sinister precision, timing, and efficiency. He is adept at connecting the knee in a corner and quickly transitioning into his aerial arsenal. You rarely see Drake get caught napping when going to the top. There isn’t a move in the air that Drake doesn’t have in his toolbox. Oh, and he’s tough as hell. The kid’s willing to fight, so don’t let the aerial game fool you. The Daredevil won a brutal cage match with weapons against Owen Travers in early 2018 and kicked out an astonishing amount of times in October against Hammerstone before the FSW Champion finally got the three count. Drake’s competitiveness is off the charts. Nobody wants to win more than he does.

Sometimes this same competitiveness and toughness are to his detriment as Drake will turn a match into a fight when maybe a more tactical strategy is better suited. Hopefully, with experience he’ll learn when to mix it up and when to stay away. He needs to because he takes a lot of punishment, and that isn’t the recipe for a long career.

While Drake has had plenty of success in Las Vegas he hasn’t had the same elsewhere. CWFH has been particularly unkind. In his loss recently to Suede Thompson, the youngster was competitive but was missing the one move to extend the match and possibly get his hand raised. A chop war with Douglas James left welts across his chest, and a high flying showcase against Adrian Quest was fun to watch but didn’t lead to wins either. You know what they say about Hollywood?

Young and talented, the Las Vegas native’s career has seen the spotlight expand in a very short time competing also with IMPACT Wrestling and Ring Warriors. Beating Travers would close the year out right as 2018 was another year of success, growth, and development for The New Age Daredevil. This athlete has the moxie, talent, and intelligence to make big strides next year. More success outside of Las Vegas is important for him and he needs to show that he doesn’t require home cooking to win. There is only one question for 2019…. Will he live victoriously?

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