WWC Closed Their Turbulent Year on Saturday with WWC Lock Out

World Wrestling Council closed their worst year in history last Saturday with their season finale, Lock Out. The former number one company on the island finished with veterans on top and a disastrous championship run for the once promising Xix Xavant.

A Bad Lock Out

Carlitos Caribbean Cool was featured in the show and was scheduled against a mystery wrestler. Many fans were disinterested in such announcement and with good reason. On Saturday night, the mystery wrestler turned out to be Lloyd Anoa’i (L.A. Smooth). The latter is good friends with Carlito, so the booking came as a present for the uninteresting wrestler.

Xix Xavant, who had a somewhat-promising run back in the summer for WWC, retained his Universal Championship against Mighty Urus. Although Xavant was the champion, he was booked as a fluke champion, beaten cruelly by El Sindicato – the WWC heel stable – and had his title stole. Xavant wen head-to-head against Ursus in a steel cage match and ended up victorious.

Pedro Portillo III was unable to capture the WWC Puerto Rican Championship against Chicano. Portillo was Peter the Bad Romance, but a change of new and look made him a strong presence in the mid-card. El Diabolico, who’s the worst champion this year in Puerto Rican wrestling, defeated Zcion RT1 to retain his WWC Television Championship. Thunder & Lightning retained their WWC World Tag Team Championships against Doom Patrol.

WWC had one successful show in all of 2018. They barely had an average of 100 fans – and even less on many nights. Although their Aniversario show had a strong presence, they didn’t have any other strong event. Their champions were mostly veterans, many of whom were overweight and out of shape in the ring. Moreover, their Universal Champions, although young, couldn’t hold down a strong run with the title.

WWC announced for January their opening show of 2019, Euphoria, with WWE Superstars Primo Colon and Epico. Also, Carlito, Mr. Aguila, and El Torito were confirmed for WWC Euphoria.