Preview: Shine 55 (12/15/18)

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Shine returns with Shine 55 on December 15th at La Boom in Queen, New York! This is part one of a WWN double-header with EVOLVE 117. There is a ton of great action lined up for this volume to end the year with a bang. At Shine 54, we saw Ayla Fox make her debut and scout talent. She has selected her clients, Aerial Monroe and Shine Nova Champion, Aja Perera. A major theme going into this event is to see what effect, if any, Ayla Fox will have on her new clients’ matches.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Allie Recks

This match sees both women return to Shine for the first time in several volumes. Allie hasn’t appeared since Shine 51. She is also currently 0-2 for the promotion. She hasn’t been idle in her time away from Shine though. The former cheerleader from Jersey has been plying her craft all over the Northeast. She’s competed mainly for promotions like Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling (PPW), Warriors of Wrestling (WOW), Pro Wrestling Explosion (PWE) and Women’s Wrestling Revolution (WWR). Her opponent, Shotzi, hasn’t appeared since Shine 49. And like Allie, she has been hustling and busting balls across the world. Shotzi is a mainstay for promotions like RISE, Alternate Wrestling Syndicate (AWS), All Pro Wrestling (APW), IWA Mid-South and IMPACT Wrestling. Most recently in the WWN realm, Shotzi challenged Shine Champion Allysin Kay at EVOLVE 115.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Kimber Lee

These two women’s career paths have crossed over each other many a time. Most recently they clashed in Atomic Championship Wrestling (ACW) which saw Kimber Lee come out on top. Mercedes is looking for some momentum in Shine, as it has been the one place where wins have not been coming her way as of late. Ever since her return to the indie scene, Kimber has been on a mission to prove herself as one of the best wrestlers in the world. Even though these two have tangled before, neither has a distinct advantage over the other in terms of experience or size. Their styles can be similar but veer off in different directions in execution. No matter what is on the line, even just pride, both will fight to the bitter end.

Brandi Lauren & Jenna Van Muscles vs. The Bird and the Bee (Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling)

The “Bionic Beast” Jenna is a newer addition to the Shine roster. Trained by Rain, she is a pure powerhouse wrestler that is not afraid to impose her will on anyone. The sweet but perhaps condescending Brandi Lauren has found backup in the form of Jenna. Brandi is no slouch in the ring but having the added power in her corner gives her an edge. Brandi and Jenna have formed quite the team. They were successful at Shine 54 against Rainbow Bright and look to continue their winning ways.

Willow Nightingale and Solo Darling have formed quite the team of their own though. They have been a team in WWR on several occasions and have been very successful. Willow can match up with Jenna in the power game and Solo and Brandi are evenly matched. Which combination will prove to have the needed x-factor to win? Find out at Shine 55!

Kiera Hogan (w/ Candy Cartwright) vs. Aerial Monroe (w/ Ayla)

The Cutie Pie Club is looking to regroup following Candy’s loss of the Shine Nova Championship. Kiera and Dementia D’Rose were also unsuccessful in their quest for the Shine Tag Team Championships. Their road to rebuilding starts here with The Girl on Fire taking on Big Swole, Aerial Monroe. Aerial has been on a losing streak in Shine and after her last loss against Dementia, she’s not happy about it. The Cutie Pie Club was present at ringside during that match and played a key role in the outcome. Enter Aerial’s new manager, Ayla Fox. Fox has identified Monroe as a main event player who has not been getting her just due in Shine. With the sides finally even, who will come away with the win?

Handicap Match: Priscilla Kelly vs. Rainbow Bright (Luscious Latasha & Gabby Gilbert)

This match has the odds stacked against Hell’s Favorite Harlot. Not only is she facing two opponents, but she’s also facing a well-established tag team. Both Latasha and Gabby are far more experienced than the young Mae Young Classic competitor. Something that Priscilla always has up her sleeve no matter who the opponent, is her unpredictability. Her mind games have rattled some of the best. What all three of these women have in common though is that they have been on a losing streak in Shine as of late. Priscilla is coming out of a war with Santana Garrett, whom she even accused of booking this match for her. Rainbow Bright have lost to Brandi Lauren & Jenna as well as the Cutie Pie Club in their last Shine appearances. With the new year looming, some momentum is needed by all to stand out to WWN officials.

Shine Nova Championship Match: Aja Perera (w/ Ayla Fox) (c) vs. Dementia D’Rose (w/ Candy Cartwright)

This will be Aja Perera’s first defense of the Shine Nova Championship, as well as her first with Ayla Fox at her side. The 24-year-old Brazilian sensation has been expanding her resume in 2018, working for more promotions like Queens of Combat and CHIKARA. Across the ring from Shine’s resident superhero is a mountain of a woman. Dementia D’Rose of the Cutie Pie Club will have her leader at her side, the former champion, Candy Cartwright. The Modus Operandi of the Cutie Pie Club has always been strength in numbers but this time, the numbers are even. Aja Perera was the other of Ayla Fox’s choices of someone who hadn’t always gotten their due in Shine. This will be the first test of Aja as champion and there’s only one way to find out how she fares. That’s to tune into Shine 55 this Saturday!

Shine Championship Match: Allysin Kay (c) vs. Su Yung

The pinnacle of the night will be the main event. Despite having both been members of the IMPACT Wrestling roster, these two haven’t met since Shine 34 in 2016. The stakes were high back then too, they were in a Singapore cane match. Now Allysin’s Shine Championship will be hanging in the balance. Allysin is riding high after two successful title defenses and a high profile appearance in the Mae Young Classic. Su Yung has continued her reign of terror in IMPACT and across many other promotions as well.

The Undead Bride is also perhaps one of the few women who can match Allysin’s intensity. Allysin may have the size advantage on Yung, but Yung has the X-factor. The mind games are always on Su Yung’s side and the lengths she is willing to go is unmatched, save for a few opponents. Allysin is a proven fighter and brawler and won’t give up her prize easily. Find out what happens this Saturday!

You can watch Shine 55 and all other WWN Live family events via their streaming service, Club WWN or on Fite.TV. The event is set to begin at 3:00 PM Eastern time. If you’d like to continue with more WWN Live action, is also set for that day, starting at 6:00 PM Eastern.