Preview: DEFY On Edge (12/14/18)

On Friday, December 14th, DEFY Wrestling Presents DEFY On Edge. For the final event of 2018, the promotion is pulling no punches and has created a show that fans either watching online or in attendance will enjoy watching. With 2019 on the horizon, some of the biggest questions are focused on the roles of Brody King and Shane Strickland. Will this be the last DEFY show for either man? Strickland does appear on the poster for DEFY’s next event, suggesting that he will remain with the company for the near future. With eyebrows raised and questions being asked, the biggest question is will everything work out just fine going into 2019? The quick answer is yes. DEFY continues to build a name for itself as it continues to blend in notable talent, along with developing their own stars such as Schaff and Artemis Spencer. Will Penta El Zero M seek retribution for what happened to him in his match against Shane Strickland for the PCW ULTRA championship?

Schaff vs Brody King

Photo: DEFY

Of all the matches scheduled for this night, this will arguably be the hardest hitting. When DEFY fan favorite and former DEFY championship contender Schaff faces off against Brody King, the result will be something to see. The match is one that many expected would eventually come to pass, and now that it is happening it raises several questions. The match will see the experienced veteran King facing off against the much younger, but hungry Schaff. King’s experience includes championships in promotions such as AAW Pro, and he is always willing to test his skills while filled with the certainty he will be victorious. Schaff has nothing to lose going in. Although he is the less experienced of the two he has had a taste of what it is like to be in the featured match. Given that he hopes to return to that position on the card, fans are likely to see a new level of aggression from Schaff (if that is even possible).

The Pride (King Khash & Randers) vs Chhun & Myers

Photo: DEFY

In what is a last minute addition to the lineup this Friday. King Khash and Randers face off with Ravenous Randy Myers and Classic C. This match up has a number of ties to the longtime late trainer of Khash, Randers and Classic C in Buddy Wayne. This becomes poignant in saying who keeps Wayne’s memory alive and well and who will be guilty of bringing disrespect to his name. It will be interesting to see who is able to rise about Wayne’s training and cement themselves as a legitimate threat in DEFY for 2019.

Penta El Zero M vs Chris Ridgeway

Photo: DEFY

This matchup marks the long-awaited North American debut of Chris Ridgeway. A six-year pro, the Liverpool born talent will immediately be put to the test. He steps into the ring with the newest addition to the DEFY wrestling roster, Penta El Zero M. It will be interesting to see how these two do as they face each other for the first time, in a DEFY wrestling ring. For those that aren’t aware, Ridgeway has a mixed martial arts background and his time in Progress has made him a sought-after talent. A number of people use the word potential when describing Ridgeway, and that it has still to be fully reached. Given there is still more for him to achieve, coming to the United States to challenge the likes of Penta El Zero M will be just what he needs. Penta El Zero M is coming off the loss of the PCW ULTRA championship and has something to prove. A man that has lost something is a very dangerous competitor.

Brian Cage vs. Jack Evans

Photo: DEFY

DEFY On Edge marks the return to Seattle of Jack Evans. This also pits two men that were part of Lucha Underground against one another. If the match alone was based on size and past success, then it would be easy to suggest that ‘The Machine’ will be the winner. But the man standing on the opposite side of the ring is a former champion, and someone that has seen success everywhere he has gone. The 36-year-old, 18-year veteran is fully prepared to show Cage that he isn’t finished, and his career is far from over. But Cage has been in the ring for more than a decade as well, so their experience is somewhat comparable. It will certainly be a fun match to see, and regardless of whom you are pulling for it is the fans that will ultimately walk away victorious.

DEFY Wrestling Tag Team Championship: American Gunz (Ethan HD & Mike Santiago) (c) vs No One Lives (The Devil Drexl & Dr. Kiever)

Photo: DEFY

When the DEFY Wrestling tag team championships are on the line all bets are off. The American Gunz. Ethan HD and Mike Santiago continue to build a name for themselves in the promotion. By defeating the likes of Violence Unlimited, not to mention the team of Sinn Bodhi and the Monster Abyss. But No One Lives, who this time around will be standing on the other side of the ring, maybe the duo’s biggest and most intimidating challenge to date. Provided the champions continue to stay the course and remain focused on the task at hand they will be just fine. The Gunz do have the Seattle faithful behind them, and will certainly give the audience exactly what they came looking for. No One Lives brings a dynamic that the American Gunz may be unfamiliar with. Will the DEFY universe get blood? Tune in on Friday, December 14th to find out for sure.

DEFY Wrestling Championship: Shane Strickland (c) vs Artemis Spencer

Photo: DEFY

In discussing this matchup with a colleague, the speculation was that this could very well be a case where all signs point to SWERVE being victorious but the swerve will be that he ultimately will not. Fans of DEFY have come to admire Artemis Spencer; the Canadian is no stranger to DEFY, he has earned a name for himself all over the Pacific Northwest. This match will be another example of a difference in styles. On one side there is the more technical Spencer, whereas on the other side there is the run and gun offense of the champion Strickland. With rumor having it that Strickland’s departure is seemingly all but certain, though some still question that, what will the result of this match ultimately be? As many are aware Strickland unmasked Penta El Zero M during their matchup for PCW ULTRA when he captured their championship. Could Penta look to get revenge on Strickland on this night?

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