Preview: MLW Fusion Live – Zero Hour (12/14/18)

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For the first time Major League Wrestling (MLW) is going to air MLW Fusion-Zero Hour live from Miami, Friday December 14th, at 5pm PST/8pm EST on beIN Sports. This event is a big step for Court Bauer’s team that has done a lot of things right since including bringing in wrestling play-by-play legend Tony Schiavone, and seriously Mr. Bauer, thank you so much for that. If you haven’t heard Schiavone’s match calls then you’re in for a treat, and if you have, the WCW great sounds better than ever.

Dragon Lee vs DJZ

Photo: MLW

These two should provide a high flying competitive match. Both men will wrestle the night before, so some of the nerves will be gone with their debuts behind them. This match being live is great because it’s sure to have moments that make your jaw drop. The middleweight division is getting stronger, and these two stars bring name recognition and credibility.

Battle of the Super Heavyweights: Ace Romero vs Barrington Hughes

Photo: MLW

This will be a war of attrition and endurance. Cardio goes out the window, so both men will try to wear the other down quickly. These two behemoths weigh in well over 400 pounds, and are both looking for a huge win on MLW’s big night. Ace “Acey Baby” Romero was impressive in his win over “Mr. Fun Size” Marko Stunt. Of course he won right? He outweighs the diminutive Stunt by over 300 pounds, but that wasn’t why. It was his ability to move for a man his size. Romero nearly put Stunt through the ropes with a dropkick that came from nowhere. If Romero got into relative fighting shape he would be even more dangerous. The mere mass of Barrington Hughes is his best defense, so what is Romero’s strategy? Will Hughes have trouble with Romero’s athleticism? World’s will collide as they reinforce the ring for this one.

Rush vs Rich Swann

Photo: MLW

Rush is facing a completely different style wrestler than he will on Thursday. While Strickland is taller and athletic, Rush’s opponent Rich Swann is shorter, very quick, and can jump out of the gym. Will El Toro Blanco seek to overpower Swann, and how will Rich Swann adjust to the size of Rush? He won’t have time to dance around because Rush is all business, and will quickly ground the man from Baltimore if he loses his focus. Rush has a vicious killer instinct, and Swann must keep his distance and attack from different angles to give himself a chance.

4 Way Ladder Match MLW World Middleweight Championship: Kotto Brazil vs Jason Cade vs Andrew Everett vs Dezmond Xavier

Photo: MLW

This contest is a great presentation of the depth on the Major League Wrestling (MLW) roster. MJF was stripped of the Middleweight Championship due to fracturing his elbow, and will not compete. We’re down to four now, but it’s still a quality match. You could make a case for any of the competitors, but the North Carolina native known more for his tag team prowess, Adam Everett, is a sleeper for me. A ladder match is always up for grabs, and anyone can win. Just ask Zack Ryder.

Singapore Cane Match: Brian Pillman Jr. vs Tommy Dreamer

Photo: MLW

A Singapore Cane Match with Tommy Dreamer in it immediately makes him the favorite; twenty years ago. Unfortunately, Dreamer is sporting a physique that’s more LA Park than ECW, but it’s a Singapore Cane Match with Tommy Dreamer in it. This match is about beating the crap out of your opponent, and Dreamer can still do it. Pillman Jr. has the advantage of the Hart Foundation , but booking this kind of match with Tommy Dreamer probably isn’t the best career decision for Brian.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship-No Disqualification: Low Ki (c) vs Konnan

Photo: MLW

Konnan said on MLW Fusion that he isn’t wrestling or training, but fortunately for him that doesn’t matter. Conditioning, and strategy mean nothing in a No Disqualification match. Low Ki will need to watch for anything and everything. The Champ comes into this match on a roll, but cannot underestimate Konnan or his willingness to seize the title away. Promociones Dorado has made the lives of many wrestlers miserable since their arrival, and Konnan has been one of them. Will Konnan be able to swing the balance of power, or will Low Ki, Salina De La Renta, and the rest of their brood continue to rain hell on the MLW roster?


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