#AndNEW: Saieve Al Sabah Wins FEST Championship

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One of the names that many predict will be a breakout star in 2019 continued his hot 2018, when Saieve Al Sabah cashed in his Pickle In A Tree victory earlier in the night to capture the FEST Wrestling Championship from Jason Cade later in the evening on Sunday at FEST Pickle In The Tree 3. Saieve Al Sabah’s win was part of a massive push of hungry young stars over the weekend that also saw Mance Warner win the CZW World Championship and AC Mack become inaugural ACTION Champion.

Saieve Al Sabah has been wrestling since 2016 and has been a regular with American Combat Wrestling (ACW) out of Florida. A former ACW Combat Champion, Saieve Al Sabah really took a big step in 2018, making his debut with EVOLVE and Full Impact Pro. He also joined Major League Wrestling (MLW) at the end of last year as well. A talented and charismatic performer, look for Al Sabah to be one of the men who becomes one of the most talked about new stars on a national level by this time next year.