Could the Becky Lynch Injury Open Door To Horsewomen Battle?

On the heels of Monday night’s Becky Lynch-led Smackdown women’s invasion of Raw, a new development emerged. Due to the injury that she suffered at the hands of Nia Jax, Becky Lynch will be unable to compete in the event against the Raw women’s champion Rhonda Rousey on Sunday at Survivor Series. The circumstances that have resulted from this altercation have led to Lynch suffering “a broken face” and a “severe concussion” during the mele. An interesting event appears to potentially lead to something that may arguably fall under the radar.

Fans will recall that Sasha Banks and Bayley faced one another for the opportunity to be the remaining member of the Raw Women’s team. The problem with that was that while the match may have been a potentially exciting event the result never came to be. The remaining women on the team interfered in the match and ultimately led to the match resulting in a no contest. It was at this point when Alexa Bliss named Ruby Riott as the remaining member on the team. This decision led to Sasha Banks and Bayley both being left off the team.

With both Banks and Bayley being left off the team and now Becky Lynch unable to compete due to her injury. Where does this leave Charlotte Flair? She came out to the aid of the rest of the Smackdown Live women’s team but she didn’t have a role at Survivor Series yet. Becky Lynch had the opportunity to announce her replacement on Tuesday night and with the entire Smackdown Live women’s division in the ring, Lynch chose her frienemy Charlotte Flair to replace her. The decision was welcomed not with a handshake but a hug. Later on, in the show, Flair said she spent half of her career fighting Becky and now she will fight for Becky. Flair could have been slated to be the team captain of Smackdown Live and may, in fact, be the fifth member of the team allowing the Queen to in fact compete twice on the night. What better opportunity for arguably the two believed leaders of the respective Horsewomen to face each other on more than one occasion this evening.

Fans should keep in mind the previous night is NXT TakeOver: War Games II. It will be at this event the night before where former NXT Women’s champion Kairi Sane will face current champion Shayna Baszler. It is also likely that Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke will accompany Baszler for her match. All three women are synonymous with being part of MMA’s Four Horsewomen along with current Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey.

All eight women being or potentially being in the same city within 24 hours, could we see an altercation between wrestling’s Four Horsewomen and MMA’s Four Horsewomen? While a match isn’t likely due to Lynch’s injury, an altercation or at the very least confrontation amongst them is very well in the realm of being possible. It wouldn’t be the first time these women all crossed paths as they had an altercation at the inaugural Mae Young Classic in 2017. The built-in rivalry between Lynch and Rousey leading into the event, Flair’s self-doubt and need for purpose, Bayley and Banks seemingly not having a direction going into the event all play a crucial role in ensuring that something could very well take place on Sunday, November 18th.