PAWG Gone: Jordynne Grace Turns on LuFisto in Barbaric Fashion

Last night at Shine 54, Jordynne Grace and LuFisto both appeared on the show. Together they have been known as Team PAWG and over the last almost two years, LuFisto has taken the younger Grace under her owl’s wing. But last night, things turned dark on the duo’s relationship.

They began teaming in January of 2017 with Beyond Wrestling, and officially became christened Team PAWG in February. LuFisto was ‘Mama PAWG’ and Jordynne was ‘Baby PAWG’. Two forces to be reckoned with on their own became an even greater force as a team. As Team PAWG, they took on all comers in Beyond Wrestling and Women’s Wrestling Revolution. They even branched out into a few other promotions like Alternative Wrestling Show (AWS) and NOVA Pro. Some of their most notable victories were over the likes of Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka), Latin American Exchange (Ortiz & Santana) and Blond Ambition (Penelope Ford & Maria Manic). 

It became more than a team, it was a bond of sisterhood. 

At Smash Wrestling’s CANUSA Classic last weekend, the cracks started to form. Jordynne and LuFisto faced off on opposing teams for the first time. This was a difficult, tough love battle. Jordynne ended up getting the best of her mentor, coming out as the victor. Outwardly, things appeared to be fine. But internally, there was a storm brewing. 

Photo: Smash Wrestling

At Shine 54, Jordynne Grace opened the show in a four-way contest also involving Dynamite DiDi, Rocky Radley and Violet Payne. However, from the moment she stepped from behind the curtain, something was off. Jordynne didn’t seem like her usual self. Even the commentary team noted that Baby PAWG appeared visibly perturbed. In the match, Jordynne put on a clinic of strength and technical ability, as always. However, she did not come away with the win. And after the match, she stormed from the ringside area like a Tasmanian devil. 

Later that night, LuFisto unsuccessfully challenged Allysin Kay for the Shine Championship. It was a stiff and brutal contest that the Mama PAWG did not win. In a show of immense class and sportsmanship, AK and LuFisto showed their mutual respect. LuFisto even presented the Shine belt to Kay with a deep bow. Then, Jordynne Grace appeared on the scene. She confronted LuFisto, and as soon as LuFisto’s back was turned she attacked. Grace grabbed her former mentor and locked her in a chokehold. Wrapping her arms and legs around LuFisto’s body, she choked her out until she was pulled away. 

Team PAWG had catastrophically imploded in a moment. On social media, Grace responded by demanding that Mama PAWG pass the torch to her. LuFisto responded via several tweets, showing how angry and betrayed she felt. We’ll have to see where this duel of master and student takes us, possibly at Shine 55 and beyond. But one thing is for certain. As Jordynne Grace prepares to enter the land of the Knockouts and make her own IMPACT, she will be doing it without her mentor LuFisto at her side.