#AndNEW: Aja Perera Captures Shine Nova Championship

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At Shine 54, a new Shine Nova Champion was crowned in Aja Perera! She took on Candy Cartwright of the Cutie Pie Club, and Candy’s cohorts in cute, Kiera Hogan and Dementia D’Rose, were at ringside as well. As they had during the night’s previous matches, they attempted to distract Aja with her favourite food, pizza! Perera proved to have some backup to combat this, with Ayla and Aerial Monroe coming out to help. They took care of the distractions, and Perera was able to concentrate on taking Candy Cartwright down. Aja is the third ever Shine Nova Champion, ending Candy Cartwright’s reign at 238 days.

Aja Perera Captures Shine Nova Championship

The Shine Nova Championship is only a year and a half old, and Perera actually participated in the tournament to crown the first champion. She then won a number one contender’s match to challenge the first champion, Priscilla Kelly. She was unsuccessful in challenging for the title at that time. Fast forward eleven months, and now Perera has the Shine Nova Championship on her shoulder. At Shine 55 on December 15th, she will face her first challenger. For now, though, it’s time to celebrate the Perera Power!