WWC’s Man-Beast Enyel and Angel Cotto Debut With WWL

World Wrestling League‘s talent pool keeps getting bigger and wider. The number one promotion in Puerto Rico debuted a pair of former World Wrestling Council wrestlers, Man-Beast Enyel and Angel Cotto.

The Last WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion 

Both pair of wrestlers were regulars with Carlos Colon‘s WWC. Angel Cotto was the WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion before Hurricane Maria destroyed the island. Cotto moved to the United States where he defended the title in states like Florida and Chicago. But, after WWC returned in Dorado on February of this year, Cotto decided to stay in the US. WWC instead of asking Cotto for the Junior title, created the WWC Television Championship and quickly moved towards up-and-coming guys like OT Fernandez and Bellito. In last week’s WWL show, Cotto appeared as one of the contenders for the WWL Cruiserweight Championship. Mark Davidson (the champion), accepted the challenge, while Cotto was referred to as the champion from “that other company”.

El Hombre Bestia Enyel

For the Man-Beast himself, Enyel, the announcement of his debut came in this week’s High Voltage episode. He appeared when the WWL Tag Team Champions, Westside Mafia, were in a circus-type haunted house. Enyel was the ending shot of the episode. Enyel is a 2x WWC World Tag Team Champion and a 3x WWC Junior Heavyweight Champion. Enyel goes even further to the International Wrestling Association days, where he was a hardcore wrestler who hold the title on five different occasions.

Enyel disappeared some time ago from WWC TV. He rose to prominence in WWC when Mike Mendoza left for WWL. He tagged regularly with Cuervo and feuded with La Revolucion. After the hurricane, Enyel entered a feud with Cuervo in Championship Wrestling Association. The feud became notorious for a controversial extreme rules match that almost burned down the arena where they were wrestling. Enyel is one of the most versatile wrestlers in the island, no matter if its on the mid-card or in the lower card, he will delivered for WWL.