Mecha Wolf 450 Vacates WWL Championship and Abandons the Promotion

The now former World Wrestling League Heavyweight Champion, Mecha Wolf 450, announced Saturday that he will no longer work for the number one promotion in Puerto Rico. The news came after Mecha Wolf no-showed at the WWL High Voltage event on Villalba.

Mecha Wolf was supposed to make his title defense in a triple threat match against BJ and Angel Fashion. According to WWL, 450 sent the WWL Heavyweight championship a day earlier. The 2x WWC Universal Champion was wrestling in Texas the day earlier and had a flight to Puerto Rico early Saturday morning. 450 missed his morning flight and told the promotion that his next flight would arrive on the island at 11:00 pm – hours after the show. The triple threat match was changed into a singles match between Angel Fashion and BJ. Later at night, Mecha Wolf announced through Facebook that he would no longer wrestle for WWL.

Moreover, after the plane of 450 arrived on the island, he went on to spend the night with Salina de la Renta and Maxx Stardom. Both friends of 450 were wrestling for Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Many reports state that 450 had already made his mind up days ago, with him going to a concert the day before his flight to the island and after his show in Fort Worth, Texas for Martinez Entertainment. Mecha Wolf left Sunday morning – in a connection previously paid by WWL – to go to Monterey for Kaoz Lucha Libre.

The news shocked every fan on the island. Mecha Wolf 450 and WWL were in the best position of the year. The now former champion headed to WWL after the failures of World Wrestling Council. In WWC, 450 was downgraded to second place against big-time veterans. It was in that moment in 2017 that Mr.450 – at the time – joined the newly reestablished WWL. He immediately was inserted into the Heavyweight Championship scene and in their return after the Hurricane Maria, he beat Mr. BIG for the title. 450 would go on to have the best championship run in 2018, delivering classics while elevating WWL. With 450’s place as the best wrestler in Puerto Rico, WWL did two sold-out shows.

Many fans that paid their ticket in Villalba, which is a rural town, hoped to see the best wrestler in Puerto Rico. Instead, they find out how poorly he and others worked to coordinate his exit. Moreover, the way that 450 abandoned the company and didn’t even lost cleanly his WWL Championship, left a sour taste in many people’s mouth. He’s not the first wrestler to exit abruptly from his home promotion, but, usually, when this happens, a pattern of unhappiness is reported. It may be that 450 simply didn’t have the fire in him that he had before. Or, that he is answering to other interests.